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Kassa Watercolor Set


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The Kassa watercolor set has all the supplies you need to start painting right out of the box! This set includes a watercolor pad, a paint set, and 3 water brush pens. Simply fill the brush pens with water and mix with your paint. Squeeze the brush to let out just enough to get the perfect color every time. You have full control over how much water to use.

The high quality watercolor paper can absorb water, letting you practice all kinds of watercoloring techniques like layering colors, bleeding the colors into each other, splattering and more. This paint set is ideal for kids and adults, of any skill level, from beginners and professional artists alike. Just open to a blank page and start watercoloring!


Water Brush Pens:

  • 3 assorted sizes 
  • Twist off barrel, easy squeeze design
  • Nylon tips

Watercolor Pad:

  • 30 pages, 9x12 inches
  • Cold pressed paper, 140 lbs / 300 gsm
  • Spiral bound & perforated

Paint Set:

  • 21 vibrant colors
  • Water soluble paints
  • Non toxic

          Take your Art Forward with the Watercolor Set at Kassa!

          Add wonderful effects to your paintings by using the best watercolor set for beginners available at Kassa!

          The watercolor artist kit available at Kassa is packed with 21 watercolor palette and a watercolor pad of 30 pages. It also includes 3 water brush pens with assorted sizes. They are incredibly high-quality paints that can give full and opaque shades.

          The watercolor brush pens included in this pack can add a perfect look to your paintings. Want to know how? These watercolor pens have the ability to store water in the brush. In this way, you can have full control of how much water should be used in the paints to add a bright tone or a diluted touch. If you want to add fine detail to your painting with brush strokes, these watercolor brush pens will assist you a lot. Plus, they can give you the same shade over and over.

          Our watercolor set is perfect to be used not only for expert artists but for beginners as well. There is a total of 21 water-soluble colors that can blend very easily and smoothly. They are made from finely-ground pigments to give an artist quality finish to your paintings. In addition, a palette for mixing the paints is also included.

          For several years, Kassa continues the tradition of offering top-quality fine-art products including watercolors. The best watercolor set for beginners at Kassa can give you full freedom of artistic expression without compromise. In short, our watercolor set can be the most appreciated gift for anyone who loves painting!


          Kassa Watercolor Set

          Kassa Watercolor Set