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merka US States and Presidents Flashcards for Kids

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Merka United States Flashcards — Cards with Facts and Pictures for All 50 States and 46 Presidents

A Great Way to Learn the US State Capitals — For Toddlers and Grade School Kids

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United States History & Geography

Picture of cards with president's faces and facts about them

All About the 50 States & the 46 Presidents

US border map highlighting Arizona and facts about the states

See Each State on the Map

The front of each state card includes the state’s name and shows an outline image of the state on the US map.

More facts about arizona on the back of the flashcard

State Facts on the Back

On the back of each state card, you’ll find additional facts — including the capital and year of statehood.

barack obama and the years of his term of office

Meet Each President

The front of each president card shows the president’s number, name, image and the years they held office.

more facts about the president on the back of the card

Facts About the President

On the back of each president card, you’ll find more facts — including date of birth and political party.

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Designed by Teachers

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Memorize the State Capitals — and More!

Whether in the classroom or at home, working with flashcards is a time-tested, proven method for improving recall and retention of knowledge in any subject. USA States and Presidents flashcards from merka teach the crucial facts about the nation that every citizen needs to know. For a student who wants to learn the capitals of the 50 states, there’s no better way to study. This set of 96 picture cards also provides an in-depth introduction to each of the Presidents of the United States, without opinion or political bias.

Product Bundles
merka US States and Presidents Flashcards for Kids

merka US States and Presidents Flashcards for Kids