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Marble Genius 125 Piece Marble Run Racing Set

Brand: Marble Genius

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Marble Genius 125 Piece Marble Run Racing Set with Designer Marbles, Racing Action Pieces, &amp Tournament Board

Marble Genius Free App and over 15 accessories. Get ready for hours of marble run fun.

What Parents are Saying About Marble Genius

Endless options for tons of fun! Even enjoyable for adults!

Super Awesome!

If you have kids, this kit is essential.

Marble Genius Marble Run sets are different. Free app, exciting action, innovative design, endless options.

What Makes Marble Genius a Best Seller?

  • Complete see-through Marble Run pieces in 19 distinct styles allow you to see all the action
  • Solid plastic pieces that stick together and are easy for kids to play with
  • Large bases included to ensure maximum stability (large base designs vary slightly per included pieces image)
  • Free Marble Genius Instruction App with purchase that includes 9 step-by-step guides, fun challenges, and regularly updated content (iOS or Android)
  • Compatible with Marbulous Marble Run Toys including our Marble Genius Marble Run Sets, Accessory Sets, and standard toy size marbles

Marble Genius Versus "100+ Piece" Competitors

  1. Piece Count — Many companies inflate the actual number of pieces in their sets. They count the number of individual parts instead of usable pieces (e.g. they count 1 base as 3 pieces instead of 1 or 1 wheel piece as 2 pieces). Our sets always provide the actual number of usable pieces and not the number of individual parts in the set. Make sure to look at this closely when comparing.
  2. Size of Bases — Bases are extremely critical to allow you to build big marble runs and, unfortunately, this is an area where some marble runs fall short. Our super set includes 3 large bases and this piece is one of the largest bases included in any Marble Run Toy on the market. The bases in the super set have 75% more surface area than most competitors so look at this closely.
  3. Action Pieces — When comparing sets online, this is often the most overlooked. We offer the widest variety of action piece types. This will make the Marble Run much more fun to play with.
  4. Action Piece Size — Large unique action pieces are expensive to produce, but they make the set a lot more fun to play with. We produce the most exciting action pieces on the market, but don't just take our word for it, look closely at this when comparing sets.
  5. Glass Marbles — Standard size glass marbles make the marble run a lot more fun to play with and our sets only come with glass marbles.

Racing Set (125 Pieces) Set

This Racing Set includes everything you need for marble racing! There are 125 pieces in this set that features specially designed racing marbles, a racing starter and finish piece, racing gauntlet, racing round 'n rounds that allow you to add and remove deflectors to create a different race every time, and racing flags that you can move around.

  • 62 racing themed pieces including many see-through marble run pieces
  • 8 racing action pieces for exciting play
  • 20 designer, glass racing marbles and interactive cardboard tournament bracket
  • Instruction manual with step by step instructions and free marble genius app with additional projects
  • Compatible with all Marble Genius Sets (7/8" top & 1-1/16" bottom)
Product Bundles
Marble Genius 125 Piece Marble Run Racing Set

Marble Genius 125 Piece Marble Run Racing Set

$59.99 $49.99