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Marble Genius Flying Marbles Action Game

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Flying Marbles Action Game

The Award Winning Family Table Game — AIM! LAUNCH! SCORE!

  • AIM the jump, LAUNCH the marble, SCORE by landing the marble in 10 different scoring holes on the tabletop stadium with this one-of-a-kind award winning family game.
  • Height adjustable jump can make the game easier or harder and can launch the marbles up to 15 inches.
  • Large stadium can be assembled in less than 1 minute and provides an angled landing area for game play.
  • Multiple games can be played (high score or around the world) for 1-4 players
  • Flying Marbles Expansion Pack includes 7 more fun games (sold separately)
Family Playing the Award Winning Flying Marbles Game

Flying Marble's Accolades

  • Creative Child Magazine recognized Flying Marbles with their "Game of the Year" award.
  • The National Parenting CenterrRecognized Flying Marbles with their "Seal of Approval" award.
  • Family Choice Awards recognized Flying Marbles with their "2020 Family Choice" award.
  • Tillywig Toy Awards recognized Flying Marbles with their "Top Fun" award.
Exciting Tabletop Action Game Marble Stadium Adjustable Jump Easy Scoring Play flying marbles Your Way! What Makes Marble Genius Different?

Flying Marbles Expansion Pack

Expand the Fun with game boards, trivia cards, and new games!

Expand the fun of Flying Marbles by purchasing the Flying Marbles Expansion Pack.

7 new games are included with this for added fun:

  • Around the World — Explore 7 different continents with various sized scoring holes on this board. 2 different ways to play this game (with or without the 50 included Around the World trivia cards).
  • Baseball — Hit a home run (or singles/doubles/triples) and try to avoid the many "outs" around the board. Play as many innings as you want, but make sure to score more than your opponent.
  • Basketball — Outlast your opponent by scoring more points than your opponent in 4 quarters on this board. There are 1, 2, 3, and 4 point scoring opportunities as well as negative points if you aim wrong.
  • Around the Galaxy — Explore the 8 different planets (plus Pluto) in our solar system with this board. There are 50 around the galaxy trivia cards that can optionally be used to test your knowledge of space with this game.
  • Competition Board — This board is very similar to the standard game board included with Flying Marbles. However, this board is much more challenging and includes higher point values.
Product Bundles
Marble Genius Flying Marbles Action Game

Marble Genius Flying Marbles Action Game

$39.99 $32.99