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GirlZone 45 Piece Mermaid Stationary Gift Set for Girls

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GirlZone Mermaid Stationary Gift Set For Girls

45-piece Letter Writing Kit with Envelopes, Paper, Cards and More

Great Mermaid Gifts for Girls 5-12

Writing Set, Mermaid Gifts, Gifts for Girls, Arts and Crafts for Girls A great way to learn letter writing skills girl using stationary to write a letter.

Magical Mermaid Writing Set Comes With:

  • 12 sheets of pretty paper
  • 12 delightful envelopes
  • 6 heart-shaped cards
  • 6 envelopes for your heart-shaped cards
  • 2 cute stampers to sign off your letters
  • 1 roll of cute tape to get crafty
  • 1 mermaid pen for your magical writing skills
  • 1 mechanical pencil for sketching
  • 1 eraser to dust away any mistakes
  • 2 sheets of the sweetest stickers to decorate your letters
  • 1 pretty storage box
mermaid stationery set pieces

45 Piece Set!

The writing set is the perfect gift for time away from TVs, tablets and phones. Girls will love to keep all their special letters and notelets in the cute storage box with a secret compartment!

girl writing on heart shaped paper

Practice handwriting

Practice your handwriting with the fluffy pom-pom pen or the mechanical pencil. Rub away any mistakes with the cute unicorn eraser and decorate your notes and letters with puffy stickers, stamps, and tape.

girl putting letter into colorful envelope

Gorgeous Designs

The set has unique GirlZone mermaid designs that you won't find anywhere else — even inside the pretty envelopes! Girls will love to practice their handwriting and send cute Mermaid notes and letters to friends.

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Welcome to GirlZone

As busy parents ourselves, we know how hard it can be to trawl the plethora of beautiful, funky, sparkling, and adventurous products on offer to our girls, whilst also ensuring quality. That's why we've created GirlZone — all the things girls truly love.

The GirlZone products are specifically for 4-11-year-olds, whilst giving girls plenty of choices to discover and develop their own style direction. It's the start of their journey: Let's make it a good one.

Product Bundles
GirlZone 45 Piece Mermaid Stationary Gift Set for Girls

GirlZone 45 Piece Mermaid Stationary Gift Set for Girls