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EpiqueOne 1300 Piece Arts and Craft Kit

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bulk Pipe Cleaner set, multi color. kids making crafts

EpiqueOne 1300 Piece Arts and Craft Kit

flower, tree, and other art pieces made with pipe cleaners
Sensory toy set. mom and son making crafts
assorted, colored pipe cleaners
pipe cleaners used to craft a heart, butterfly, flower, and a tree.
1200 piple cleaner google eyes kit for girls and boys

Boost Creativity, Have Fun & Create Art With EpiqueOne Multi Color Pipe Cleaner Set with 100 Google Eyes!

Hate it when you run out of pipe cleaners when you're working on an arts and crafts project? We know how that feels, which is why we put together this 1200 Pipe Cleaner Bulk Pack with 100 Googly Eyes to make creating DIY craft projects and art without worrying about running out of pipe cleaners.

A Creative & Fun Approach To Arts & Crafts

EpiqueOne brightly colored craft pipe cleaners come in 12 different colors that your child will love to twist and bend plus 100 Googly Eyes. Our long reusable chenille stems measure in at 6mm X 30mm as well as being fuzzy, soft, and comfortable to touch to make sure they are completely safe to use for kids and adults.

Reusable, Durable & Fuzzy Pipe Cleaners

Unlike the rest, our pipe clearers can curl around almost anything you want and can be straightened to use again. EpiqueOne pipe cleaner crafting supplies can be bent, twisted, curled, or wrapped in any shape you want while being sturdy enough to be reused multiple times to ensure endless fun.

More Features You'll Love:

  • Can be easily straightened to provide hours of fun and entertainment
  • Ideal for use in schools to encourage children to take part in arts and crafts
  • Encourages children to play with others to improve cooperation and communication skills
  • Perfect for creating crafts
  • Can be cut to create roses, animals, cartoon characters, and more
  • Great way for parents and children to spend time together in a productive way. Can be used by adults and children for a wide variety of creative projects

Order today to help develop your child's imagination & creativity with EpiqueOne Pipe Cleaner Bulk Set

EpiqueOne 1300 Piece Arts and Craft Kit

EpiqueOne 1300 Piece Arts and Craft Kit

$29.99 $17.99