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Curious Gardener Children's 3-Piece Garden Tool Set


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Childrens' 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

Get your kids really growing with the Curious Gardener ® 3-piece garden tool set! The set includes a kid-sized trowel, shovel & hand rake, the essential tools for any budding gardener. Designed with metal heads & soft touch grips, the tools are strong enough to get the job done but small & comfy enough for your child to easily use. 

  • Give your budding gardener the real gardening tools they need to develop their skills with the Curious Gardener ® 3-Piece Garden Tool Set!
  • The set includes kid-sized trowel, shovel and hand rake, the essential tools all gardeners need.
  • Unlike flimsy plastic kids tools, the Curious Gardener ® tools are designed with metal heads to get the job done in the garden!
  • Each tool features ergonomic handles to fit in the palms of little hands so children can have a strong grip.
  • Easy-to-read measurement markings are engraved on the trowel and shovel for accurate digging depth.
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About This Garden Set

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Learn Through Growth

Teach math and science. Your kids will learn how to count and measure while learning about plant growth and photosynthesis.

ages 4 and up

Ages 4 and Up

Curious Gardener ® is designed for little hands and lightweight for easy use but durable enough to handle basic gardening tasks.

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Start Young

Your kids will grow to appreciate the time spent bonding over gardening. Sow seeds for future memories now!

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From Garden to Table

Start an early love of healthy nutrition! Your kids will love getting vitamins and minerals from the plants they have grown themselves.

Curious Gardener Children's 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

Curious Gardener Children's 3-Piece Garden Tool Set