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Curious Chef Children's 3 Piece Mixing Utensil Set

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Children's 3-Piece Mixing Utensil Set

A healthy love of cooking starts young, and Curious Chef ® products are perfect for getting your aspiring chef involved in cooking and food preparation. This 3 piece mixing set features kid-friendly kitchen tools to get your aspiring chef tossing, mixing, and stirring like a pro.

  • Get ready to mix up some kitchen fun with the Curious Chef ® 3 Piece Mixing Set, which includes a medium silicone mixing spoon, large silicone spatula, and large poly spoon.
  • Different edges and depths for the tools in the kit are ideal for scraping, stirring, or scooping and are safe for use on non-stick surfaces.
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA free, and made from a combination of nylon material (heat-safe to 420°F) and silicone material (heat-safe to 450°F).
  • Recommended for children ages 4+ with adult supervision.
  • Each tool is designed with small handles with soft-touch button grips for ease of use for kids.
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Enjoy the Benefits of Kid's Cooking

When you get cooking with Curious Chef ®, it's more than simply fun and easy! You and your child will enjoy an entire host of additional benefits, as well as some adorable photos.

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Develop Essential Skills

When kids get busy in the kitchen, they are developing math skills, watching science in action, strengthening listening skills, and learning how to follow directions!

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Healthy Eating Habits

Kids will learn the basics of nutrition and how to make healthy food choices. The more kids understand about building a healthy plate, the easier it'll be to make good food choices!

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Spending Quality Time

Cooking is designed specifically to bring kids and parents together in the kitchen so you can spend quality time with your child while at the same time, they learn a valuable lifelong skill.

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Trying New Things

When kids take part in food prep, they are much more likely to not just try new foods, but also like the foods that they otherwise think they don't!

Product Bundles
Curious Chef Children's 3 Piece Mixing Utensil Set

Curious Chef Children's 3 Piece Mixing Utensil Set