Size Guide

Stuff 'n Sit - Peel 'n Stick Baseplates & Magplates - PlayUp Panel - SlideAway

Stuff ’n Sit - Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

Toddler size

The perfect size for a toddler, at 27" diameter, these will hold approximately 40 stuffed animals or a heaping laundry basket full.


At 33" diameter, this size will hold approximately 70 stuffed animals or two heaping laundry baskets full.

Extra Large

Our biggest size, these are 38" diameter and hold up to 100 stuffed animals or... you guessed it, 3 heaping laundry baskets full.

Peel 'n Stick Baseplates & Magplates

Our baseplates come as 10 X10 inch square plates.  
These can be cut to size and the process is simple.  Each set comes with step-by-step instructions on how to cut the plates to size.
  • Each 4 pack will cover a 20 X20 inch area.
  • Each 2 pack will cover a 10 X 20 inch area.
Multiple packs can be purchased to cover any size area.

Check out our Blog for creative ways to apply Baseplates and fun activities.

Instructions are also included on how to apply the plates in a manner so bricks will work on 2 plates at once without issue.

PlayUp Panel

The Large PlayUp panel is 34 X 24 inches.  There is a 2" border around the outside so the finished area is 20 X 30 inches.
Extra Large
The Extra Large PlayUp panel is 44 X 34 inches.  There is a 2" border around the outside so the finished area is 30 X 40 inches.


The SlideAway Basket can hold over 5 gallons of toys and has an integrated play-mat that measures  52" at its widest.
The SlideAway On-the-Go can hold up to 2 quarts of toys and includes an integrated play-mat that is approximately 15" across.