SlideAway Tips and Techniques


Tips and techniques for how to best use your SlideAway 


Thanks so much for trusting us as a customer.  We are committed to you having a great experience but we do understand that some things aren't perfectly clear.

Below are some examples of how to appropriately use the SlideAway.

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SlideAway On-The-Go

how to properly SlideAway the On-The-Go:

1 - Pull tab on mat and handle in opposite directions.


2 - Lift mat and shake lightly to slide contents into the bag.

3 - Tuck mat into the bag and use the drawstring to cinch the bag closed.

 Here's a video showing it in action:



SlideAway Basket

1 - Open the lid and lay the integrated play mat flat on the ground.

2 - Lift the bucket and use the handle on the bottom to pour directly onto the mat.

This may take a couple of times before it feels comfortable but trust us, your life just got a little easier.



And here's the whole process in action:

Thanks again and please feel free to let us know if we can explain anything further by emailing us at