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Creative QT - Retail Partner Program

We are seeking fellow passionate creative kid toy enthusiasts to join our Retail Partner Program! Apply today to partner with us and distribute some (or all!) of the Creative QT Collection. 

Creative QT - Peel 'n stick Baseplates

Creative QT products are ingeniously designed (if we do say so ourselves!) and are like no-others on the market. We design each and every one of our products with the following priorities in mind:

1. Foster Imagination Based Play: If you are praying for the batteries to run out in the toys that make noise and light up, you are our people. Our products engage the imagination and create a framework for kids to live out some of their childhood adventures.  We love the idea of play time that doesn’t involve them staring at a screen like a zombie.
2. Promote Organization and Clean up: If you’re sick of toys and pieces of toys strewn across the floor like lemmings making a migration toward the living room, you are our people.  We want to make clean up both easier and fun with products that make cleaning up a lot like playing.
3. Cultivate Parent/Child Engagement: If you want to engage with your kids more and don’t always know how to play and spend time with them, you are our people.  We totally feel this way and we created some DIY projects help parents and kids to spend time creating together with an end result of an awesome creation for the kids to enjoy and hero points for you as their parent.
     Creative QT - Products
    Cretaive Qt - Chore Sticks

    Become a Retail Partner

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    Best Sellers:

    Creative QT creates first to market products with a focus on quality and solutions to family's needs.  We have several best sellers and our products are consistently the premium product in their space.  Quality and a great value.

    For more details about the application process, retail partner qualifications and more, please contact with inquiries.