Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

At Creative QT, we are dedicated to providing your family with learning and organization-based toy storage ideas, furniture, and tools, helping you spend less time managing stuff and more time making memories. We stand behind the quality of our products 100% and are proud to offer a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee on all products. Creative QT's toy storage ideas, furniture, and tools are designed to make your life easier, if they’re not working properly please let us know so that we can help! 

Our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee covers against any defects in the manufacturing process of our kids toy storage furniture and tools. Under normal use and with proper washing instructions followed, Creative QT products should last through your children’s childhood, helping create effective toy storage ideas. 

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For your convenience, we've broken down the details and limitations of our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee below: 

Stuff ‘n Sit Storage Bean Bags

Covered under Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee: Stitching malfunctions, zipper malfunctions, and/or issues with print quality (so long as proper washing instructions are followed).

Not Covered: Damage due to improper use (ie. roughhousing, over-stuffing, outdoor use, trying to use as a floatation device, child takes off to college and uses Stuff ‘n Sit as a dirty clothes hamper resulting in an unremovable odor), lost or missing Stuff ‘n Sit, stains, pet damage, kid dirt, marker drawings, spaghetti-o’s stashed for midnight snacking.

Baseplates (Peel ‘n Stick & Non-Adhesive)

Covered under Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee: Quality of adhesive - our Peel ‘n Stick baseplates are guaranteed to stay stuck, forever.

Not Covered: Damage due to improper use (ie. roughhousing, sticking them to siblings, using as a frisbee), damage to your walls, floors, or any other surfaces during the removal process (intended to be permanent once stuck to surface), user-error in cutting or placing baseplates, damage from the elements due to outdoor use.


Chore Sticks

Covered under Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee: Print quality and/or damage to sticks under light use.

Not Covered: Damage due to improper use (ie. bending, throwing, chewing, or making popsicles with sticks), sticks with undesirable chores randomly disappearing, misspellings on custom sticks, chores not completed to parents standards. 


As parents of five, we live the daily struggle of ‘so much to do, so little time.’ The days are long, toys are strewn across the house, and someone always needs something. We want you to know that when YOU need something, we are here to take some of the weight off of your shoulders. If you’ve experienced any of the product defects mentioned above, please click here to start a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee claim. Our team will be happy to help!