Hi! I'm glad you made it!

This is a tradition that the Hinkles have really enjoyed as a date night (tradition if you count doing it 3 times).  Just a chance to have fun and try something new.

Below are some painting tutorials that you may enjoy doing together.  You can find more if you go to Youtube and search "painting tutorial" but we wanted to give you some ideas.

This is supposed to be a fun date night.  Don't worry about making a perfect painting.  The ridiculous ones might be more to show later anyway :-).

So, just for good measure, we included Bob Ross as an option.  Worth trying but it may be a bit ambitious unless you have a little painting experience. 

The below painting looks simple and fun and is a bit outside the box.


Leonid Afremov is a painter that the Hinkles enjoy.  He has warm, dreamy scenes.  We may try this one ourselves if you want to compare paintings!  This is a little more challenging but might be a fun one to do together!

 Another more simple one, this looks like it could be a fun couples challenge.


 If you want more of a landscape scene, below will give you a year round view of the beach!