Creative Play Solutions for Building Bricks

Compatible with all major brands of building bricks, including LEGO™ & DUPLO™

Totally Clicking with Customers!

Nathan S. – NY

"These baseplate boards are amazing! The adhesive that comes on them works very well, so you can literally stick these to nearly any surface. We bought a $10 Ikea table and put four of these on top - instant "lego" table!"

Elizabeth H. – TX

"My LEGO obsessed son is obsessed - and now can make his creations anywhere in the house and I can easily bring it back to the playroom!"

Katie M. – KS

"Love this letter board so much! My little one is just starting to learn letters and has been fascinated with trying to identify the ones he knows! Until he is old enough to use it on his own, I can keep it on our fridge with a cute message. We will get years of enjoyment out of this!"

Vickie N. – WI

"Wonderful addition to our playroom! The granddaughters enjoy the option of building at their table or and on the PlayUp wall."

Mike M. – PA

"As a teacher, I bought these to use in my classroom. They stick to my whiteboard perfectly, and quite strongly. I've used them as an interactive scoreboard for games I play with my students, but I can see using them for a variety of things, and I am starting to imagine the coolness of having a huge surface to make pixel art on."

Michelle G. – OH

"Lego brand pieces fit perfectly and stay snugly where they are placed. The magnet is strong and stays where you put it, even with a lot of Lego pieces on it. I have used these on my refrigerator and the whiteboard in my classroom and they stick both places really well!"


These Creative QT products are NOT associated or endorsed by LEGO™.
LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO
® Group of companies.

Creative QT products are laboratory tested for compliance with requirements and free of lead, cadmium and phthalates so you can play with confidence.