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Unokki 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano Set
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VENDOR: Unokki

Introducing the UNOKKI 17-Key Kalimba Thumb Piano Also known as a mbira, likembe, sanza, thumb piano or hand piano, the 17-key kalimba is a hand-held African instrument that's easy to master. It’s a member of the idiophone (vibration) family of...

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Unokki Thumb Pianos

UNOKKI Kalimba

Bring Music Anywhere You Go with UNOKKI

Also known as a mbira, likembe, sanza, finger piano, or thumb piano, the 17-key kalimba is a traditional, hand-held African instrument. Its exceptionally easy to learn, making it a wonderful first instrument for kids. The kalimba is a member of the idiophone (vibration) family of instruments and produces a soothing, harpsichord-like sound that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Quality Craftsmanship and Materials in Each Kalimba

The body of each UNOKKI kalimba is constructed of premium solid wood (mahogany or acacia) for a deeply resonant sound. The wood is finished in your choice of three stains: Classic brown, sunset yellow, and chocolate brown, and completed with delicate, artistic details. The tines and keys are made of ore steel to produce a bright, clear tone. The keys are engraved with easy-to-learn notes, and curve downward by design so they do not hurt your thumbs as you play. These little “pocket pianos” are convenient and easy to take along, thanks to being sized smaller than a 13" computer and a little bigger than a cellphone. That makes kalimbas ideally portable for performances, recordings, family gatherings, picnics, and outdoor events, parties, and backyard relaxation.

Everything You Need to Learn This Instrument Quickly

Each UNOKKI kalimba comes with everything you need to start playing beautiful music immediately: A tuning hammer, instructional booklet, silicone finger protectors, color-coded key stickers, polishing cloth, and cloth bag. This portable musical instrument is simple to master and produces performance-quality sound. The kalimba is easy to tune and to learn, with the notes engraved directly on the keys for quick mastery, making it a perfect personal instrument for children and adults, beginners to professionals.

Also known as hand pianos, UNOKKI kalimbas are beautiful, reliable, and sturdy enough for years to travel and indoor/outdoor use. This makes kalimbas excellent gifts for everyone from children to adults to senior citizens who want to learn something new. The folks at UNOKKI believe music belongs to everyone and that the art of trying something new should be encouraged.

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