SlideAway® Toy Storage Basket and Play Mat

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What Parents are Saying About SlideAway®

“BIG time saver.”

“The best solution to LEGO clutter on the market”

“This thing is AMAZING”

Lifetime Guarantee - Thousands of 5-star Reviews - Family-owned Business in the U.S. - FAST shipping in the U.S.

All your little toys can finally have a home!

We get it, kids make constant messes, your home never feels clean, and toy clutter is everywhere! Your kids spread the same toys out again and again making cleaning up a never-ending job. It takes HOURS every week just to keep up.

You deserve a clean home just like other busy parents. The SlideAway® stops the spread of kid toy clutter and saves you hours cleaning up every week. Keep your home tidy with QUALITY, STYLISH TOY STORAGE. This is no ordinary toy storage! It has a large integrated playmat to clean up in seconds. Just Pour, Play, and SlideAway®.

SlideAway® – Toy Storage Basket & Play Mat

  • 9+ Gallons of Storage (6,500+ LEGOs!)
  • Built-in Rip-stop Play Mat with Rim
  • Innovative – Cleanup in Seconds
  • Patent-Pending Design
  • Upholstery-Grade material
  • Quality Features & Rugged Handles
  • Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

So Easy to Use & Stylish In Any Room

Pour toys right onto the large, integrated rip-stop play mat. Spread out and play. When it’s time to clean up, simply pull the handles to slide toys back into the stylish storage – as easy as Pour, Play & SlideAway® to cleanup in seconds!

Our stylish container with matching lid measures 12" tall with a 15" diameter holding 9+ gallons. The attached 52" rip-stop nylon play mat keeps toys contained with its unique padded rim.

Perfect for Any Toy That Gets Spread Out

Building Bricks like LEGO, Magnetic Building Toys, Toy Cars, Dress Up Clothes, Wood Blocks, Dolls & Pieces, Action Figures, Lincoln Logs, And More!


Designed to last through childhood with a commitment to quality and Creative QT’s Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

Creative QT is a Family-Owned Small Business in the U.S.

Creative QT is based in rural Illinois and was started by Adam & Dana Sue Hinkle, busy parents to 5 kids. They were trying to find a solution to their stuffed animal problem so they created the Stuff 'n Sit ... and the rest is history! 

So easy to use, Pour – Play – SlideAway!

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