MakerBase® – Creative Play Solutions for Lego™


There are few toys more beloved by kids and parents as LEGO™ style building bricks. They inspire creative play and help young minds develop. As passionate fans, Creative QT offers some of the most innovative building brick platforms to help take your play to the next level.

Our original, patent-pending Peel 'n Stick Baseplates paved the way, allowing you to instantly turn any flat surface into a builder's dream! The addition of the PlayUp Walls let's you simply hang a large, pre-built vertical building space anywhere (even sliding it under your couch or a bed) and the MagPlates will form the cornerstone of your creations on anything a magnet will stick to. 

Recently, we have launched StoryBricks Letter Bricks with the StoryBricks Letter Board to bring old school letter board messaging to life. We have also added colorful PixelBricks to bring your creativity to a whole new level!

As part of our commitment to you, all Creative QT building brick toys are lab tested for safety and guaranteed for life. Creative QT and our products are not associated or endorsed by LEGO, LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies.