Free Chore Sticks App for iOS

Tired of your kids whining about doing their chores? We’ve got you covered! Chore Sticks is a child psychologist approved app designed to deliver whine-free chore time, guaranteed.

Parents everywhere are raving that Chore Sticks “is like magic!” Encouraging responsibility and teaching kids to help with household duties doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful.

Click here to download Chore Sticks for iOS from the App Store.



Customize the chore wheel with our 42 pre-chosen chores (hand-picked by parents to five!) or add your own custom chores. Ask your child to ‘spin the wheel’ and watch as anticipation fills their faces and they rush off to accomplish their chore stick. Completed chores are recorded in a star chart so children can track their progress and accomplished chores over time. The wheel can be reloaded at any time with new chores for a fresh start.

Here are a few chore prompts:

  •      vacuum bedroom
  •      wipe doorknobs & light switches
  •      give mom/dad a hug
  •      take out trash & empty recycle
  •      read one book
  •      organize movies & games
  •      pick up bedroom
  •      clean bedroom windows … and dozens more!

What makes Chore Sticks a game kids love, is the inclusion of a few FUN Chore Sticks... trust us when we say this makes the process a lot more fun!


A child psychologist leans in on why Chore Sticks are effective - for both parents and children.You can feel great about using Chore Sticks because chores get done without the battle, and along the way, your kids benefit from a positive opportunity to become competent in an important life skill!”