What We Store in Our Mini SlideAway® by Dana Sue Hinkle

I think what I love about our little company, is that I truly do use our products! Like…all of them. But right now, I especially love the Mini SlideAway®, because it is just the right size for holding all those teeny tiny toys and materials which otherwise end up all over our living room floor.



In this blog I want to share four items which we as a family love to store in our Mini SlideAway.


1. Speciality LEGO™ Pieces



You know all those teeny tiny extra special LEGO™ pieces which your kids always want to play with but can never find? The pieces such as people, food, plate, cups, etc. We have all of those in a Mini SlideAway which works so well for our family. The kids can easily access them and best of all they stay contained in one place! We actually store this Mini SlideAway inside our LEGO™ filled SlideAway Basket.



2. Markers & Crayons

A little piece of Dana Sue info for you... I LOVE to color! One of my personal favorite uses for the Mini SlideAway is actually just crayons or markers. Coloring is an easy past time for me to enjoy with the kids so we often gather around the kitchen table and enjoy some creative coloring time. It allows my kids and I to color together and clean up in seconds as I need to make lunch. It also keeps the crayons/markers from rolling off the table which saves my sanity.



3. Polly Pocket Accessories



Our six-year-old daughter has her very own Mini SlideAway filled with her Polly Pocket pieces. It is a great way for her to store and play with all of those little clothes and accessories that would get lost at the bottom of the toy box.



4. Hot Wheels Cars



Our youngest has quite the collection of Hot Wheels cars, and of course he has his favorites. The Mini SlideAway has now come his 'deluxe garage' as he calls it. He keeps his favorite cars safe and easily accessible at all times.



I would love to hear how you are using your Mini SlideAway. I am always looking for new items to keep better organized.



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