Water Week Day 5: Top 5 Kid Games to Play in the Pool

It is our last and final day of Creative QT Water Week and we're sharing five game ideas for the whole family to enjoy at the swimming pool. There is nothing we love more about summer than the whole family playing, giggling and Making Time Together. 

Flag this list on your phone and try one out at the pool this weekend!

Cannon Ball Competition: It's a classic! Select a judge, have everyone line up on the side of the pool and take turns splashing in. Whoever makes the biggest splash wins! Our bet is Dad will most likely make the biggest splash, but you never know - the kids may surprise you!

Seahorse Race: Give everyone a foam noodle. Have them straddle the noodle (as if they were riding a horse). Line up at one side of the pool and at 'GO!' race to the other side of the pool. Extra points for whoever makes the best seahorse noise!

Popsicle: This is essentially 'Freeze Tag' for the pool. The 'it' person freezes whomever they touch. Last person still swimming wins! This game is best played in the shallow end where kids can stand.

Scavenger Hunt: Gather a bunch of random objects that will sink (diving rings, balls, etc.). Dump into the pool and yell out each object name and have your kids dive and retrieve the item. 

Seaweed: This is the 'red rover' game of the swimming pool and works best for large groups. Select one person to be in the middle of the pool and have everyone else line up at the end. At 'GO!' everyone tries to swim to the other side of the pool without being tagged by the middle person.  When a person is tagged they join hands and create a 'seaweed string' in the middle with the 'it' person. The last person to not be caught by the seaweed string wins!

What are your favorite games to play at the pool? We hope this list inspired some new, fun quality time for you and your family this summer!


This list was inspired by a blog post by In the Know Mom.

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