Video Tutorial: Building Block Lap Tray

Have you got a little building block addict in your household? This super simple portable building block lap tray using our Peel 'n Stick Baseplates is the perfect way to keep little ones screen free and entertained whilst you are on the go.

Video Tutorial: Building Block Lap Tray

This is one of those great DIY projects that simply cannot go wrong. Best of all, with the lap tray costing $6.99 and one baseplate costing $8.99, this useful piece of equipment sets you back less than $16 to make.

What you Need:

How it Works:

Simply watch the video below to see that there is no more to this DIY project then peel, stick and PLAY!

A Few Tips:

In the video the creator simply 'eyeballs' the placement of the baseplate. If you want to ensure that your baseplate is perfectly centered then simply measure equal distances on all edges before securing the baseplate.

Video Tutorial: Building Block Lap Tray

Due to the lap tray being made from lightweight plastic, make sure you hold your hand under the tray during the baseplate sticking process (as shown in video) to avoid damaging the tray. Alternatively you could place a box under the center part of the tray to offer some resistance.

Video Tutorial: Building Block Lap Tray

Suggested Uses:

Of course, the most obvious use is to simply allow your child to enjoy the pleasure of creating whatever they like with their wild imagination and building blocks. It can also, however, be fun to provide some gentle guidance.

  • Limit the color or size of building blocks you provide to challenge your child more
  • Include some pictures of objects to build (for example, you can use alphabet or phonics flashcards as building prompt cards, e.g. apple, boat, car, donut etc.)
  • Take photographs in advance of color pattern towers on your phone, show your toddler these pictures and challenge them to recreate the color pattern towers (e.g. green, red, green, yellow)
  • Link your journey to building projects such as making direction arrows, a map, road signs, license plates or different types of cars as you pass them
  • Challenge your child to make a scene that is relevant to your end destination, like the cool water scene you can see in the video tutorial

Video Tutorial: Building Block Lap Tray

There really is no end to the creations that can be made. The great thing about this particular DIY project is that it is portable! A perfect way to help you stay screen free during those long car rides this summer.


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