Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

Organizing and storing toys is a battle that any parent is familiar with. Thankfully we have Stefanie Jones on hand to help us fight the good fight! Stefanie has a passion for quick organizing on a budget, and with a name like 'The Realistic Organizer' we already love her! Head on over to her Instagram (@therealisticorganizer), Facebook, blog and website to learn more about affordable organizing!

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

Toys are chaotic. They’re loud, oddly shaped, and overwhelming. We all would like some sort of order when it comes to children’s toys, but there are just so many, and they always seem to be all over the floor! How in the world could it ever be organized?!

Here are five tips to easily organize toys, reduce toy clutter and save your parental sanity, at least a tiny bit.

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

1. Categorize Toys

Separating toys into categories helps keep toys organized, quickens clean up time, and makes it easier to keep track of toys (i.e. fewer missing toys). Most toys can be separated into categories such as balls, cars, dolls, and puzzles. Or toys can be categorized by activity, such as crafts, outdoor toys, music, and coloring.

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

Not all toys will fit into a category nicely, so a basket to hold miscellaneous toys may be necessary. And believe it or not, this still categorizes the toys and gives them a place to be stored.

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

2. Use Containers

Bins, boxes, baskets, you name it, anything that makes toys easy to move and contain is ideal.

Storing toys in containers does not mean you need to spend a bunch of money. For example, diaper boxes make great storage containers and can hold a large amount of toys. They can easily be decorated with wrapping paper or fabric to make them visually appealing as well.

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

3. Labels

Labeling where toys should go helps teach kids where to put toys away, and can help them learn to read. It may start with “reading” the images on the label, but it can grow into reading the words.

My favorite way to label children’s toy storage is with a picture of the toys, as well as text.

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

Here is a quick How-To for creating these easy labels:-

All you need is a printer and some self-seal travel tags (cost $3-$5).

  • Separate your child’s toys into categories
  • Use Google images to search for pictures of toys in that category. I like to find images of toys the child owns. Rather than just any random car image, I’ll find an image of a specific car toy that is played with frequently.
  • Add the image(s) and category title to a Word (or similar) document. 
  • Print. Cut. Place. Complete!

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

5. Toys in Every Room

This doesn’t really sound “organized” but I promise it helps. Think of the rooms you go in most often and designate a space for toys to go in each room. It can be a random drawer, in a basket, or tucked in a cabinet. This prevents toys from traveling from room to room and not having a space to be easily put away.

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

Every now and then you can switch up the location. For example toys that are typically stored and played with upstairs can be brought downstairs. This is classic child trickery. The same toy they’ve been playing with in the basement for weeks now becomes a brand new gift when moved to the main floor.

Also, do not underestimate the power of books. Books are easy to store, don’t take up too much space, and easy to clean up. Keeping a small stack of books in each room can possibly give you two minutes of precious quiet time.

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

Categorizing, containing and labeling toys does not mean your home will automatically be organized with no toy clutter. But it certainly does help! Eventually all of the toys will come out and scatter everywhere, but having a system for putting toys away makes clean up faster and easier.

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What a great set of tips for toy organizing- thanks Stefanie! We particularly love the realistic approach to having toys in each room- it totally makes sense! Don't forget to follow Stefanie on Instagram for more great affordable organizing ideas.


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