Top 5 Family Board Games for the Holidays

Here at Creative QT we love to Make Time Together with our families by staying screen free and having family games nights. There's laughter, there's sweat, and sometimes there's even tears, but it's all in the name of quality family time. Why not pick up one of our Top 5 Family Board Games for the Holidays and enjoy some friendly competition!



1. Monopoly



This may seem like an obvious choice but it is a classic for a reason after all! With a Junior version and many fun themed versions available, this classic has the potential to appeal to all members of the family, old and young. If you are dealing with much younger participants, you can always play in pairs and give simple tasks to the youngsters, such as counting the spaces to move, or organizing the money.


2. Operation



Another timeless suggestion, Operation is a great fine motor workout for players of all ages. The game is very hands on which suits kids, as well as the high levels of tension and competitiveness! As with most games, you can also purchase a Junior version, or adapt the rules to make it more inclusive for younger players.


3. Blokus



This strategy based game is recommended for players 7 years and older. Players take turns placing their 21 pieces on the board. Each piece must touch another of the same color, but only at the corners. The winner is the first one to run out of tiles. The fact that there is only one rule to follow makes this game relatively easy to explain. Blokus even received a Mensa award for promoting healthy brain activity!


4. Hungry Hippos



Ok so technically this isn't a board game but it is an awesome family game which will guarantee frantic laughter. There is little skill involved with bashing your Hippo's lever to make it eat as many of the game balls as possible. However, the fast pace of the game and funny scene of all the hippos fighting over the balls is sure to be a hit with younger kids. To be honest, it's pretty darn fun as adults too!!


5. Candy Land



We've saved Creative QT owners, the Hinkle Family's, top choice for last. With five kids, finding a game that everyone will enjoy isn't easy. This sweet-themed board game pleases everyone. It is simple enough for the younger members of the family to enjoy, but exciting enough for the older ones to get competitive about! Definitely a winner in the Hinkle household!



Now what are you waiting for?! Choose a game that will keep all of your family entertained and enjoy Making Time Together over the holidays!



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