Top 5 Back To School Must-Haves

It’s time for school again! This is an exciting time for parents and kids to shop for back to school products. Don’t miss out by checking this quick guide to our favorite back-to-school products (which thousands of parents love right now)!

Our favorite back to school products for home

Merka Math Flashcards (for Numbers 0 to 12)

Girl with Merka Math Flashcards

For parents who want their children to get ahead with enhanced math skills, these Merka Math Flashcards are among the best back-to-school products to consider. They come in 4 sets – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

These decks of 169 cards with an equation on each, offer hands-on learning that parents and kids love. The colorful illustrations provide clarity and color-coding for organization.

Their size accommodate children's hands. They measure 4.2" by 2.4" with one equation on each card in this deck. On top of that, these flashcards could be a fun and educational way for parents and kids to bond while having a productive time. 

As many students tend to lose motivation as math equations get more challenging, these flashcards may be accompanied by positive reinforcement like small prizes whenever kids answer correctly.

Learning with these math flashcards is a cost-effective way to teach kids to be better at math while enjoying it. The earlier you use them with your kid, the better!

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EpiqueOne Arts and Craft Kit

When purchasing back-to-school items, especially art supplies, there’s always something that one may forget to buy from their list. 

In school, many activities would require kids to own a complete set of art supplies. This includes decorating cards, sculptures, sock puppets, silly characters, and other masterpieces that can come from their wild imagination.

For this, it pays to get an art kit to avoid this hassle. EpiqueOne’s 1,500 Piece Arts and Craft Kit already includes felt sheets, buttons, glitter, beads, googly eyes, feathers, colored craft sticks, emoji stickers, pom poms, pipe cleaners, string, sequins, and more.

There are also many benefits to having a complete arts and crafts supply at home. Children could use their free time exploring their creative ideas and turn them into something tangible and fun.

Instead of buying one item at a time, this art set can give them the flexibility to make various combinations of art projects they would be proud of. This would also be good practice so they can easily navigate the art materials in school.

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Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

If your kids like building things with Lego®, or other block sets, imagine the finished products they could create with award-winning marble run sets! 

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set is composed of many colorful and see-through elements kids can play around with. It contains ladders, arches, circles, squiggly lines, and other pieces that help little ones express themselves imaginatively.

These are also easy to grip, with solid pieces purposefully designed to stick together effortlessly. This is an innovative upgrade from the 2-dimensional artworks most kids are used to doing. 

Using the Marble Genius set would also push the kids to improve their eye-hand coordination, spatial, motor, planning, and problem-solving skills. These abilities are incredibly useful to acquire before going back to school.

This is especially if the kids are having a hard time or need encouragement to perform better. For example, whenever they’re done with their homework, they can look forward to building a new unique design during playtime.

Not only that, but they could also learn to be more persistent and patient. Building things with small parts also teaches kids that the best outcomes don’t come easily but need ample time and effort to happen.

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Kassa Chalk Markers Multicolor (20 Pack)

Kassa Chalk Markers Multicolor

Another fantastic back-to-school supply you shouldn’t miss is the Kassa Chalk Markers Multicolor (20 Pack). Odorless and non-toxic, these liquid erasable chalk marker pens are safe for little kids.

These pens are attractive school items for little artists and DIY enthusiasts because they can be used on nearly any surface using solid and vivid colors. This includes all non-porous surfaces like blackboards, windows, mirrors, and glass. They’re versatile and easy to clean up – no more anxiety where the kids’ artworks end up in school or at home!

With the use of these markers, kids can effortlessly draw chalk-like lines without the need for actual chalk. They’re dust-free and less likely to trigger respiratory problems like asthma or allergies.

Each marker also has a sturdy two-sided tip. These are highly versatile and would let kids alternate between a bullet tip for large strokes and a chisel tip for adding fine details. And if the kids have too much fun and lose a bullet and chisel tip, the set also comes with four extra reversible ones for replacement!

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LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Kids Headphones

Connect+ Pro Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones with SharePort for Kids

Gear up for back to school with headphones and earbuds designed just for kids. Headphones are now a common item to see on school supply lists and LilGadgets offers a variety of comfortable, affordable headphones that are volume-limited, Bluetooth enabled, and have sharing options. 

From the family that brought you the Untangled Pro Bluetooth wireless headphone and Connect+ wired headphone that reimagined children's headphones, the Connect+ Pro is a beautifully designed, high-quality, wired children’s over-the-ear headphone for children aged 6 and up, featuring the integrated SharePort to make sharing a little easier between kiddos.

These on-hear headphones are designed for kids' comfort; they are sized appropriately, have padded head and ear pieces, and are light-weight and durable. They also come in a wide variety of models, super fun colors and patterns like Magical Unicorn, Snow Camo, Girl Power, and more!

While these headphones check off the box for school, they are also great for traveling, and for quiet entertainment at home. LilGadgets headphones are sure to be a hit with kids of many ages, parents, and educators!

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BONUS: merka Educational Classroom Posters for Elementary, Preschool & Homeschool

merka Educational Classroom Posters for Elementary, Preschool & Homeschool - Periodic Table, World Map, Solar System, Body Chart, Time, Money, Math & More! - Kids Learning Poster for Wall - 16pc Kit

Designed by teachers, merka's educational posters are thoughtfully created from the ground up to provide the most effective teaching tools. This 16 piece set of large wall posters include vibrant illustrations of the solar system, anatomy, mathematics, the periodic table of elements, world maps, and more!

In addition to being informative, and fun and engaging, these posters are waterproof and easy to clean! With a clear, double-layer protective film you can enjoy these on the wall, on the floor for hands-on learning, or on-the-go - the flexibility and light weight of this set allows for easy transport to take learning with you!

Thousands of parents and teachers trust merka to teach learners of all ages using placemats, flash cards, posters, learning kits, and more. Their products are made to the highest educational standards and are manufactured with safe, durable materials

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