The Stuff 'n Sit: So Much More than a Bean Bag!

Pull up your Stuff 'n Sit and relax. We’re bonding over all of the fun things you can do with your portable, comfy chair. With a little imagination and creativity you’ll discover new places to take your Stuff 'n Sit, different ways to lounge, and all of the neat games you can play! Let’s get creative with the furniture from the future.



A Place to Keep Your Stuff

Whether it’s storing your child’s favorite stuffed animals, keeping your blankets all in one place, or hiding your sleeping bags, the Stuff 'n Sit is a great way to get the mess off your floors and nestled in one comfy place. With its extra-long zipper, open it wide to easily fit all of your soft stuff inside. The Extra Large size can hold approximately 90 stuffed animals! Store all kinds of things including costumes, yarn, beach towels, pillows, rugs, socks, comforters, and scarves. What do you store in your Stuff 'n Sit? Let us know in the comments.



Your Pet’s Favorite Toy

Cats never fail to make us laugh. When they’re not lounging on the Stuff 'n Sit you’ll find them stalking, jumping, and attacking that squishy ball. It’s fun to watch them bob their heads in confusion as their paws investigate all the different shapes - is there a mouse in there? Dogs love the Stuff 'n Sit too! The perfect spot for a snooze, and easily cleaned as well.



Take the Stuff 'n Sit Anywhere

The Stuff 'n Sit is the most portable chair. Easily pick it up by the handle and take it anywhere! Relax in your Stuff 'n Sit near poolside, bring it to your next sleepover or move it into your dorm room. On your next camping trip have a comfy seat in your tent or turn it into a coffee table by placing a small board across the top. The Stuff 'n Sit is also great to use when working at your desk or hosting a movie night. The #vanlife crowd will also find Stuff 'n Sit to be extremely versatile and useful in small spaces.



The floor is lava - don’t touch it!

Remember those days when you jumped from the bed to the desk and back to the bed again to make a final leap to the bean bag chair? These aerial acrobatics were necessary to avoid the smoldering lava on the floor and the scary dragon, AKA your big brother. Stuff 'n Sits are a child’s creative muse when thinking of what games to play. Just unzip the bag and imagine a scary cave or a deep dark well that only the most adventurous of your stuffed animals will explore. If you’re looking for something more leisurely, grab a seat and read a book.



These are just a few ideas so keep dreaming up fun ways to use your Stuff 'n Sit and share them with our community on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t have a Stuff 'n Sit? We offer our Standard Stuff 'n Sit along with several other different prints and sizes. Take a look at our full product details and descriptions here.




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