The Stuff 'n Sit Myth Busting Guide

So you’re thinking about buying a Stuff 'n Sit storage bean bag chair. You’ve carefully counted each of your child’s stuffed animals, 79 in total, and agreed that the gray floral pattern goes nicely with her cheerful yellow walls, but questions still linger. Will the extra-large be big enough for her collection? Won’t it be uncomfortable? Will teddy suffocate in there? We answer these questions and more in our Myth Busting Guide.



 Won’t it be lumpy and bumpy?

We can all agree that this bean bag chair is uber cute, but it also has to be comfortable, and we’ve insured that. With a 100% cotton canvas that hasn’t been treated with any harsh or toxic chemicals, the Stuff n’ Sit is not only durable, but also very soft. Go ahead and fill your Stuff 'n Sit with stuffed animals, blankets and even clothes. The strong fabric stretches along with your stuffed animals preventing tears and giving them plenty of room to lounge. When you sit on the chair the fabric enables the animals to spread, without losing the strong bean bag shape. It’s soft, comfortable and a joy to lounge on.



Still unsure? The Stuff 'n Sit has received numerous positive reviews on Amazon and Jessica Sophia agrees, “It's actually comfortable to sit on, not lumpy like I would've assumed. There is even a handle, so you can drag it around easily. Highly recommend!” 



It can’t possibly stand up to my kid’s wear and tear.

Stomp, pounce, kick and spill! Kids love to figure out how things work and often destroy them in the process. Or their imagination leads them down into a dark cave where a fierce dragon lives and a fight erupts - say goodbye to your good pillow! The Stuff 'n Sit with its durable cotton canvas material is amazingly strong and can endure even the mightiest dragon battle. We’ve included a heavy-duty zipper and handle that won’t snap when dragged around the room – who wants a horsey ride? We also offer the Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee! We stand behind the quality workmanship of this premium bean bag and will cover against any defects in the manufacturing process.



My kid always resists clean up time!

Get ready, get set, clean! With the Stuff 'n Sit kids will race to see who fills up the bean bag first. It’s exciting to see how many stuffed animals can fit inside and the extra-long zipper makes it easy to fill. “The children had fun stuffing their bags themselves, and it definitely helps this momma!” one mom said. The Stuff 'n Sit also offers the reward of a comfy seat once all of the stuffed animals are off the floor and in the bean bag. Kids love to pull their chair from room to room and when their pals are over watching their favorite movie the Stuff 'n Sit comes in handy. Imagine them unzipping the bag to let Teddy have a nibble of popcorn.



I don’t know what size is best for me.

We’ve listened to moms and dads and cooked up three perfect sizes that will easily accommodate any stuffed animal collection. Take your pick. We offer a standard size that fits 50 stuffed animals, but if you need a little extra room grab the LG size which will comfortably hold 75, or the XL that can hold up to 90! They fit more than you would expect! Parents agree and are surprised at how many stuffed animals they can fit inside. One customer said, “The fabric is super heavy duty, the ZIPPER is super heavy duty, the handle that allows you to relocate in a jiffy is heavy duty and...YA'LL...ALL of the stuffed animals FIT!!! ALL OF THEM...with room to spare.” If you find your bag with a little extra room just top it off with blankets, pillows, dress up clothes or anything soft.




No child needs that many stuffed animals!

Your child’s collection of fuzzy friends can quickly turn into an army of stuffies ruling the toy room and that’s ok. While some of us enjoy a collection of vinyl records or antiques, children find comfort in the company of their lovable stuffed companions. It can also be hard for children to let go of their stuffies and the Stuff ‘n Sit lets them keep all of their friends, minus the cluttered room! Get your kids excited about decluttering by involving them in the process of choosing the perfect Stuff 'n Sit for your home.



Won’t Teddy Suffocate Inside?

Teddy loves to hibernate and he’ll have an awesome new party pad! 96% of stuffed animals prefer the Stuff 'n Sit to other brands thanks to its stretch ability and soft material. Stuffed animals will not be damaged, but rather safe and comfy inside. So go ahead, welcome your stuffed animals to the Stuff 'n Sit party. They will be glad you invited them.



Did we answer all of your Stuff 'n Sit questions? Is there something you’re still pondering about? Let us know in the comments and we’ll respond quickly.




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