The Stages of Stuff 'n Sit Acceptance

Stuffed animals - kids love ‘em, right? But some kids, maybe… love stuffed animals a little too much. Don't panic, Creative QT® has the perfect stuffed animal storage solution for you!


The best stuffed animal storage solution


At first, there are a few - how adorable to watch the wee one snuggle with their brightly-colored new friends! So maybe things have gotten a little disorganized at a certain point. You trip over a Winnie the Pooh on the way in, but it’s no big deal. You pick it up and put it on the shelf with the rest. Maybe it’s time to get a bin or something.


The Stages of Stuff 'n Sit Acceptance


Before you can turn around, though, things are starting to spiral. Now you have 2 bins, with stuffies piled up inside and furry friends lining the top. Shelves circle the room, bursting with fluff. It’s a well-organized collection, but there is no doubt at this point that it has become A COLLECTION. You’ve seen ads for the Stuff 'n Sit®, but the kid doesn’t have that many stuffies, do they? No way we’re looking at 50 stuffed animals for the Standard size, surely not 75 for the Large Size, let alone the 90 that fit in the Extra Large model.


The Stages of Stuff 'n Sit Acceptance


A few months later, for the first time, stuffies are starting to migrate out into the hallway. There’s a pile on the bed, a pile in the corner, a whole toy chest and 3 bins full. Where are these even coming from? Are they recruiting their own somehow? Is this some kind of Toy Story situation? You swear you’re seeing stuffies that you didn’t even buy. You really wish you’d bought that Stuff 'n Sit now, don’t you? Well, not to worry, a solution to your problems is just a few clicks away.


The Stages of Stuff 'n Sit Acceptance


After a few days of kicking Garfield and Olaf into the closet while you’re waiting for your package to arrive, you finally hear the mailman at your door. Your Stuff 'n Sit has arrived! Standing in the hallway outside of your child’s room, you have a moment of hesitation - there’s NO WAY all of these cotton-filled chums are gonna fit in this bean bag. Well, only one way to find out, right?


The Stages of Stuff 'n Sit Acceptance


A breezy 5 minutes of stuffing (which your kiddo might even help you with!) and the room has been transformed. Where there once stood a downy monument to your child’s love of all things fluffy and stuffy, now stands a reasonably clean, pretty-darn-well organized room if you do say so yourself. Your little one’s favorites are still on the shelves, with the real heavy hitters lined up on the bed, but everything else is stowed away in the cozy confines of your Stuff 'n Sit. What a difference 90 less stuffed animals can make! How nice to be able to see the floor and walk across the room without becoming bogged down in a cottony mire.


The Stages of Stuff 'n Sit Acceptance


Whether your stuffed-animal invasion is Standard, Large, or Extra-Large sized, the Stuff 'n Sit Storage Bean Bag has a solution for you. Click the link to explore all the different sizes and color combinations available. You can’t go wrong with so many to choose from.


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