The Easiest LEGO Compatible Table You'll Ever Make!

Making a LEGO compatible play table doesn't have to take all afternoon. Our Peel 'n Stick Baseplates make building a play table as easy as Peel, Stick, Play! You can use any table, but we love this IKEA Hack utilizing the $9 LACK side table


Keep reading to view a full video tutorial and links to all supplies used!





Watch the video below to find out just how easy it is to make this fun building block table.



A Few Helpful Tips:


If you want to make sure your baseplates are centered on the table, we recommend measuring an equal border, drawing on the baseplate boundaries lightly with a pencil. This will help to guide you as you stick them down. Once they are stuck, it is very difficult to get them back up!



Remember to use building bricks to help line up the baseplates. This simple step ensures that the studs are completely in line, therefore securing the perfect fit for your building bricks. Also, during the sticking process, remember to apply some pressure to the baseplates. This helps the adhesive to have strong contact with the entire surface area of the table underneath.



Looking to add some storage to keep your LEGOs off the floor? Here's another fun IKEA hack to help make that happen. At the IKEA Customer Services desk you can ask for free TROFAST unit runners, you'll need two per table (they are free). You can then use strong glue (we used contact cement adhesive) to attach these to the underside of the table. Be sure to follow the instructions for the glue to give it as much adhesive strength as possible.



Slide in a TROFAST Storage box of your choice, and voila, your bricks are off the floor!



We would recommend that when playing with bricks, you take the box out and put it on the floor as the runners are not strong enough to withhold enthusiastic builders leaning on it!



That's it! It really couldn't be much easier. We hope that your new play table brings hours of creative play to your family. Getting creative with building bricks is such a great way to Make Time Together!




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