Teaching With Building Blocks - Lesson 3: Greater Than or Less Than

Learning with blocks is a fun way to introduce play into the classroom.  We want to encourage play learning, which we call "plearning" (I know I'm a dork) in order to trick our kids into learning so the process is less painless for everyone involved.

Greater than and less than concepts are great activities for young kids giving them concept of value differentiation as well as will help them with estimation skills.

Plearning Activity:

Simply cut pieces of paper with the <, > and = symbols on them then lay out some blocks with a separation between them and let your kids tell you which is which.

When they get the hang of it, mix it up by making long strings of 16 and 18 studs that are only two off (the longer you make the line, the harder it is to tell which one is greater if any).

Advanced Plearning Activity:

You can also make it more of a challenge by building on top of blocks in odd combinations of numbers which will make your little one think a bit harder about which has more studs. Make one taller but with more gaps so it has less studs; that will challenge those little brains.

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