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How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

Happy Back to School Month!! Going back to school is not always an easy process... the change in routine can be hard work for both children and parents alike. Here at Creative QT we'd love to try and help you out with this tricky transition.

How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

In this post we're sharing some simple ways you can help make that 'first day back' slightly less of a shock for your children. Making a few small changes before school starts can really help for a happier return to school.

Adjusting Bedtimes

Does anyone else find it super difficult to stick to early bedtimes over the summer? It is still light outside, the children have been running around outside, Mom and Dad have enjoyed a BBQ and some fresh air... and then before you know it the time is 9pm! Then the thought quickly enters your mind, 'oh but it's ok, we don't have to be up early in the morning.' Well unfortunately, that isn't the case anymore. The whole family has to be up, washed, dressed, fed and out the door at some ridiculous hour.

It definitely helps to start trying to get back into earlier bedtimes at least a week or so before the start of school. It helps the children to make sure they are getting enough sleep and ready to learn. It also helps the parents to have some time to get organized and a good nights sleep. There is nothing worse than a grumpy sleep deprived child combined with a grumpy sleep deprived parent!!

How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

Some parents might find this easily achieved by simply implementing a strict new earlier bedtime. We all know that children react differently, and not all little ones will like this sudden change. If you have a reluctant sleeper, it might work best to gradually move bedtime forwards, so that they are less aware of the change. A new bedtime story or chapter book might just be an added incentive.

Buying Supplies

This has to be the best part of going back to school! We can all remember that feeling of being taken to the stationary section and being let loose right? Although older children might be a little less enthusiastic, always involve your children in the process of buying new materials for school. Make it an exciting trip out, maybe teamed up with new sneakers or a new backpack. Giving some choice and independence to your children will help them feel more comfortable about going back to school. There is nothing worse than having to pull out that Power Rangers pencil case when you are going into Grade 8!

How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

Help Those Brains get Back into Gear

We understand that the summer break is long... very long! As a parent it can seem like a daily marathon. Just getting through each day with all family members alive, fed and happy is an achievement in itself! It is often the case that children will have more screen time than normal, as well as missing out on the daily learning stimulation that they receive at school. It is very beneficial to help kickstart those minds with a few fun learning activities. These do not have to be complicated. Simple things like practicing reading and writing skills before dinner, doing some shopping-related math problems at the grocery store, or visiting an educational museum, can really inject some enthusiasm for the return to school. It also helps to decrease that screen time that we tended to rely on over the summer.

How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

Introduce New Responsibilities

School requires children to be independent and responsible. Introducing some new responsibilities at home can really help children to have a better attitude towards meeting teachers' expectations. It can be as simple as preparing their own lunch, loading their clothes into the washer, taking out the trash, or clearing up their toys. If children return to school having not done anything for themselves all holidays, they will be in for a shock! Make it easier on them by setting some simple expectations in the weeks before they return.

How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

We hope that you find these suggestions useful. Each family is different and no two children react the same way to changes in routine. Do whatever works for your children, but just try to make changes before that dreaded first day back to avoid any meltdowns (from the children or parents!). We wish you the best for a successful return to school!

How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School


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