Quick & Easy Valentine's Activities for Kids

Hands up who can't resist all of the cute Valentine's crafting supplies in the stores at the moment? We looooove getting crafty with hearts, and so does our friend Myriam over on Instagram (@mothercould). She is sharing two super simple but hugely engaging Valentine's activities which take a matter of minutes to set up. Enjoy!



Fill the Heart

We recently discovered the amazingness of washi tape and have been using it non stop. Here’s a really cute fine motor skill activity with a love twist.



You'll need:

-Washi tape (you can find this on Amazon, or in stores like Target, Walmart and Michael's)



Tape a large piece of paper to the wall and draw a big heart on it. Hand your child some rolls of washi tape and instruct them to fill the heart with it.



This might seems pretty simple to you, but trust me kids love being let loose with a roll of tape!!



There are so many great benefits to this simple activity. The constant tearing and sticking of tape is perfect for helping your child to develop their fine motor skills (which helps with pencil grip in future years!). Also, working on a vertical surface helps kids to develop their gross motor skills and co-ordination. Plus, kids will just love the novelty of it!



Match the Hearts

There's something in this for kids of all ages. From simple color matching to letter recognition, this is a perfect activity for siblings to do together. I used foam hearts for this but you can easily use colored construction paper.



You'll need:

-Construction paper or foam



Draw big hearts on colored construction paper or foam and cut them out. You can either cut the hearts in half yourself or have your child practice cutting and have them help. Either way, cut the hearts in half.



Mix up the halves and instruct you child to match them. This activity is again great for fine motor skills, as well as problem-solving and patience!



For older kids, write a capital letter on one half of the heart and the matching lower case letter on the other half.



We love the simplicity of these ideas. Ready in minutes, but full of love-themed excitement for kids. Thanks so much to Myriam from @mothercould for sharing! Be sure to check out her Instagram account for loads more engaging ideas like these!




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