NEW Pixel Bricks... Where Art Meets Engineering!

We couldn't be more excited to share our latest MakerBase® Collection product with you... LEGO™ Compatible Pixel Bricks. These 1 x 1 bricks are just what your kids need to freshen up their STEAM play.

Keep reading for the most Frequently Asked Questions and answers about Pixel Bricks and to see them in action!



Q: What exactly are Pixel Bricks?

A Pixel Brick is just a small single stud building brick. The idea is that when used collectively, tiny bricks can create some pretty awesome designs!



Before we get started on just how awesome these tiny gems of creativity are, let's get clear on exactly what each pack of Pixel Bricks contains.



One pack contains 1,600 assorted classic Pixel Bricks in seven colors (red, yellow, green, orange, white, grey and black). We've also included two easy-to-use removal tools, and a few build designs to get you started (many more are available on our website for free, LINKED HERE).


Q: We have loads of LEGOs already, we don't need more!

We know, trust us, we have way too many LEGOs™ as well. But these are DIFFERENT! They will encourage a whole new and unique style of STEAM play. They create the perfect bridge between art and engineering which will appeal to builders of all ages.



Kids are used to being given a piece of paper with specific drawing, coloring or painting directions. Imagine the creativity and engagement when they are given a baseplate instead and have hundreds of Pixel Bricks to work with.



Q: Hmmm, I like the sound of them but I'm not sure how they will benefit my child?

We get it, there are so many toys out there which pride themselves on being STEM learning products. Pixel Bricks really are STEM focused, in fact they are STEAM strong because they massively encourage kids to get artistic as they build.




Whether your kids choose to follow the suggested build images, or they freestyle it, their imagination and creativity are sure to be called upon. We haven't even started to talk about the other benefits such as fine motor skills and links to Math concepts yet!



Handling those tiny bricks is a great workout for the small hand muscles which kids later rely on for writing skills. As they manipulate the bricks they are naturally developing their fine motor skills. Many early numeracy concepts can also be taught through playing with Pixel Bricks. Concepts such as patterns, co-ordinates, symmetry and counting are easily incorporated into play sessions.



Ok, I'm sold!

Phew, so glad to hear you love our Pixel Bricks as much as we do! No building brick collection is complete without them (in our totally unbiased opinion!). Pixel Bricks are such a fantastic addition to any makerspace at home or in the classroom.



Be sure to share your creations with us by tagging us, @creativeqt, on social media.




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