Pinterest Roundup: St. Patrick's Day Activities

Image via No Time For Flashcards Blog

Looking for some easy, inexpensive, and attainable activities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids? Look no further, because we’ve rounded up the best of ideas on Pinterest just for you. Here’s our top St. Patrick’s Day activities to do with your kids this year!

Green Science Discovery Bottles: Little Bins for Little Hands has a slew of science based activity ideas, but our favorite are these green discovery bottles. Anything that involves science and crafts is always a win in our books. With so many variations to choose from, our favorite is the classic water + oil + glitter bottle … so easy to make, so entertaining and educational to boot.

Marshmallow Shamrock Art: Grab some white paper, green paint and a marshmallow and have the kids simply ‘stamp’ shamrocks out of the marshmallows. How easy is that!? Bonus points for getting to have a snack while you craft. Idea via: The Pinterested Parent

Word Search: It may be simple, but it’s guaranteed to keep the kids quiet at least for a few minutes.  Just, print, distribute with pens and you’re ready to go! Link

LEGO Challenges: Challenge your little ones to build a 3-D LEGO rainbow and create an imaginary world all of their own. For early elementary aged,  we love this LEGO shamrock challenge from No Time for Flashcards and for the older kids we can’t get enough of this LEGO Leprechaun Trap challenge!

Shamrock Pancakes: If making a traditional Irish Stew for dinner isn’t your thing then opt for “brinner” (breakfast for dinner!) and cook up some green, shamrock pancakes. Betty Crocker has a fancy tutorial here, but all you really need is a little bit of green food coloring.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day!


*Image from No Time for Flashcards blog

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