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Our Favorite Easter Basket Goodies

Our Favorite Easter Basket Goodies

With Easter just a few weeks away, it’s not too early to start rounding up Easter Basket goodies. Here is a list of our favorite basket stuffers this year!

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag: Every household needs one of these! Your kids will love receiving this dual-purpose toy and before you know it will have their stuffed animals all picked up and organized.

Cuddle and Kind Doll: I know, I know why does your house need one more stuffed animal!? But, we love that a purchase of these sweet, handmade dolls provides meals for children in need. Plus, they can store their adorable new friend safely in their new bean bag!

An Age Appropriate Book: We are firm believers in gifting a book at every holiday. Choose a favorite from a series your kid loves or grab a new one to add to your growing library.

Granola Bars: In lieu of the chocolate bunny (hello sugar craze) gift a few granola bars. Chances are they’ve already received a lot of candy from egg hunts and grandparents so don’t feel obligated to push the sugar craze even more.

Swimming Suit: With summer just around the corner, gift them something they need (and you're probably already buying anyways) – a new swimsuit, perhaps! It'll make the anticipation for summer just that much more sweet.

What are you planning to put in your kid’s Easter Baskets this year? We want to know your great ideas!

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