Our Favorite Easter Basket Goodies

We don’t know about you, but we’re super excited for Easter! Who doesn't love a visit from the Easter Bunny, and going on an Easter egg hunt in the yard? There are a lot of things, from Easter candy to Easter toys, that make this time of year a magical one for kids. If you're looking for even more ways to spread the fun this year, you should consider gift-giving in the form of Easter baskets.

Many people like to use Easter baskets as a fun way to give gifts to kids during the Easter holiday. All you need to do is take a basket or bag and fill it with Easter basket fillers. These usually look like candy, party favor toys, stuffed animals, and other fun items for kids. With some careful thought and planning though, these Easter gift baskets can be something truly special, and make for a memorable Easter morning.

Have you put any thought into your Easter basket stuffers this year? Whether your Easter gift is coming from the Easter bunny or is just a fun gift from family, they're an amazing way to bring a spark of joy to your little one on Easter.

If you are at a loss when it comes to thinking of great Easter basket stuffer ideas, we're here to help. Read on to see some of our top picks for Easter basket stuffer ideas and visit our Easter Gift Guide - the perfect shop for Easter Gifts for Babies and Kids.

Our Top Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

If you're looking for some Easter basket ideas, consider the following:

Stuffed Animals

A stuffed animal makes a great gift for both older and younger kids, making it a great gift idea for an Easter basket. We especially love toys from The Bearington Collection. They make many adorable, high-quality stuffed animal toys that will delight your little one on Easter morning.

Creative QT and The Bearington Collection Beary Harey Easter Bunny Teddy bear

If you want to put an adorable bunny plush toy in your Easter basket, you could go for the Bearington Twirlina Ballerina Doll, or their Beary Harey Easter Bunny Teddy Bear.

There are also lovable dolls that suit younger kids, like the Bearington Bunny Plush with Rattle or Bearington Baby Lil’ Bunny With Rattle.

They even have these adorable Bunny and Duck Easter Baskets, which make some amazing baskets for Easter gifts if you want to go above and beyond.

Products We Love

Creative QT Bearington Twirlina Ballerina Doll Kids Plush Bunny

Bearington Twillerina Ballerina Doll

Creative QT and Bearington Baby Lil' Bunny Plush Stuffed Animal With Rattle

Bearington Baby Lil’ Bunny Plush with Rattle

Creative QT and Bearington Plush Kids Easter Egg Basket, Bunny & Duck

Bearington Plush Easter Egg Basket

Gift Sets

A gift set can be a super effective and easy way to get your Easter Basket full, fast. We love gift sets because they can provide your little one with multiple toys and activities to keep them busy during playtime.

Tickle & Main Tea Party Gift Set For Toddlers And Little Girls

For Easter, we especially love gift sets that suit the holiday. Some sets from Tickle & Main we recommend include their Everybunny Prays set, God Bless Baby set, or their My First Tea Party set.

We love that with sets like these, you can choose play sets that suit your individual children best. This way your toddler can get a toddler-appropriate set, while older children get toys that are more complex. Pair your gift set with some other small goodies, like cookies,  jelly beans, or a chocolate bunny, and you have one great gift basket.

Products We Love

Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays Baby And Toddler Gift Set With Praying Musical Bunny And Prayer Book In Keepsake BoxTickle & Main Everybunny Prays Baby And Toddler Gift Set With Praying Musical Bunny And Prayer Book In Keepsake Box

Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays Baby and Toddler Gift Set

Tickle & Main Tea Party Gift Set For Toddlers And Little Girls

Tickle & Main Tea Party Gift Set

Tickle & Main Baby Gift Set With Praying Musical Lamb And Prayer Book

Tickle & Main Baby Gift Set

Arts and Crafts

Any holiday is a good excuse to get crafting! If you want to create a truly unique gift basket, why not look into some Easter craft ideas and fill your basket with the tools needed to create it?


From general craft supplies to craft kits meant to make specific things, there are a lot of options out there to use as an Easter basket stuffer.

We especially love the EpiqueOne Arts & Craft Kit to cover all your bases for supplies, or the AEM Hi Arts Watercolor Paint Set - a complete watercolor set including 24 paints, 20 sheets of paper, 3 brushes, and pallette that is perfect for beginners or hobbists alike.

DIY slime is quickly becoming a favorite project for kids and a huge trend on social media! Surprise your child with the #1 BestSelling Slime Kits that Original Stationery and GirlZone have to offer!

Craft toys are a super easy and effective way to occupy children and give them something memorable to do on Easter Day. Plus, it creates a great opportunity for parents and children to play together, and spend more time with one another. For any holiday, an arts and craft set makes for a pretty special gift.

Products We Love

Original Stationery 55 Piece DIY Slime Making Kit
Original Stationery 55 Piece DIY Slime Making Kit

Kassa Pastel Chalk Markers (12 Pack)

Kassa Pastel Chalk Markers (12 Pack)

GirlZone Unicorn Egg Sparkly Surprise Slime Kit For Kids

GirlZone Unicorn Egg Sparkly Surprise Slime Kit For Kids


Cooking and Gardening Sets

You can also use your Easter basket gift as a great learning opportunity for kids. With Easter happening during the springtime, you could leverage your Easter basket gift to introduce your kids to gardening and cooking with fresh spring ingredients! Spring is a great time of year to notice the changing seasons and get kids more involved in playing outdoors.

Curious Gardener ® provides a full line of quality gardening equipment for kids

We love gardener sets like this one from Curious Gardener, to encourage children to spend playtime outdoors. This kit has everything your little one needs to get started in the garden and build lifelong skills. You can buy different pieces from this set, or buy the set in its entirety, to suit the kind of gardening you want to do at home.

While gardening, kids experience math and science come to life. They’ll learn about plant growth and photosynthesis as they plant, weed, tend, and harvest their crops.

Cooking and baking encourages kids build creativity, problem-solving and fine-motor skills. Helping in the kitchen inspires kids to try new foods and develop healthy eating habits. The Curious Chef ® Kitchen Basics Kit prepares kids to work alongside you in the kitchen with real, working tools sized just right for growing hands.

We love Easter Basket stuffers like these, that give you the opportunity to get involved with kids at playtime. There’s no reason toys can’t also work to help your kids learn something new, and form new skills!

Products We Love

Curious Gardener Children's 30-Piece Gardening Collection

Curious Gardener Children’s 30-Piece Gardening Collection

Curious Gardener Children's 12-Piece Grower’s Set

Curious Gardener Children’s 12-Piece Grower’s Set

Curious Chef Children's 25 Piece Kitchen Basics Kit

Curious Chef Children's 25 Piece Kitchen Basics Kit


Ideas for Parents: Stay Organized

Once you’ve invested in these new gift basket toys, you might be worried about storage space. One of the biggest reasons parents can dread the holidays is the addition of new toys and products to their homes, as kids receive gifts from family members that they have no room to keep.

You don’t have to let your home get overrun by toys! At CreativeQT, we have a lot of different storage solutions available for kids' toys. By adopting one of these, you’ll have a storage unit where fun meets function. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite toy storage solutions.

For Stuffed Animals

Do your kids have more stuffed animals than they know what to do with? Then look no further than the Stuff ‘N Sit® for storage for your stuffed animals!

CreativeQT Stuff 'N Sit® Premium Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

Stuff 'N Sit® – Premium Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

We love that with the Stuff ‘N Sit® you get a storage solution that can both fit a ton of toys, and provides something fun and functional for your kid's play space. All you have to do is select the size and pattern of Stuff ‘N Sit® that suits you, and fill it with toys. You can use the Stuff ‘N Sit® to hold anything soft, from toys, to towels, to blankets, to spare pillows.

Once full, your kids will have a fun, comfortable, durable seat for their room or play space. Simply unzip during playtime to use stuffed animals, then pack them away once you’re done. The Stuff ‘N Sit® is simple, easy, and loved by parents and kids, making it a great addition to any home.

Click here to learn more and purchase the Stuff ‘N Sit® today.


For Toy Storage

Messy kids are no match for the SlideAway®. This is the perfect toy storage solution for any parents who have kids that love small, little toys that get lost or scattered throughout the home. We’re talking toy cars, building bricks, blocks, craft supplies, dollhouse toys, or anything else you struggle to store and not lose.

SlideAway® Toy Storage Basket And Play Mat

SlideAway® Toy Storage Basket And Play Mat

The SlideAway® is simple enough for both parents and children to use. Store toys in the basket. During playtime, tip the basket over, and spill toys onto the basket's built-in play mat. Kids can then play or sort through toys on this mat. Then, when you’re done, the mat can be easily picked up and shoved back into the basket, cleaning up toys in mere seconds.

Click here to learn more and purchase the SlideAway® today.


For On-The-Go Toy Storage


With the Mini SlideAway® your kids no longer have to abandon their favorite playtime toys at home. If you’re interested in bringing your kid's toys with you on the road, you have got to look into this storage solution.

Mini SlideAway® Storage Bag And Play Mat

Mini SlideAway® Storage Bag And Play Mat

The smaller size of the Mini SlideAway® makes it even easier for kids to engage in playtime and take toys with them wherever they want to go. This means that if your kid wants to bring their toy collection to a visit at Grandmas or bring toys to a sleepover with friends, it's easy for them to do so.

This system operates just like the full-size SlideAway®. Fill the basket with toys, dump and play with them on the mat, then easily put it all back inside when playtime is done. Simple!

Click here to learn more and purchase the Mini SlideAway® today.


Have a Happy Easter with CreativeQT!

We hope the suggestions on our list mean your Easter Basket will be filled with some fun, creative goodies for your little one. At CreativeQT, we love to provide products that encourage families to Make Time Together, connecting through play. We hope that this Easter, you find the time to spend time together and bond, creating new memories that last a lifetime.

Will you be making Easter baskets this year? What are your Easter basket stuffer ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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