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Making the Most of the Great Outdoors with your Kids

Making the Most of the Great Outdoors with your Kids

The Great Outdoors is one of the most neglected learning environments....... and it is totally free! The benefits of combining nature and learning are endless. Here at Creative QT we've compiled a list of our favorite outside learning activities. We hope it helps you get through those never ending Summer holiday weeks!

Making the Most of the Great Outdoors with your Kids

1. Nature Tally

This play based learning activity helps children to work on their counting and tallying. Simply make a tally chart using stickers, equip your little explorer with a magnifying glass, and see what they can find!

2. Nature Painting

This can be done two ways. One idea is to pack up a canvas, easel, paints, and brushes and head into the woods to find some beautiful scenery to paint with your kids.

The other way to enjoy painting and nature is to actually paint nature! This seems silly but why not take a paint brush and some water on your nature walk. Your little one will enjoy the painting effect of water on different surfaces such as rocks, leaves, and bark.

3. We're Going on a Bear Hunt

There are some fantastic children's books that are set outdoors. We had a blast re-creating one of our favourite stories, We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. This is an exciting way to develop communication and literacy skills, whilst burning off some excess energy.

We may not have found a bear..... but we found a Mommy and baby deer which was an awesome end to our adventure!


4. Color Puddles

Enjoying the weather can be difficult when it is wet and cold! Make the most of the puddles left behind by turning them into colorful science experiments. Add crushed sidewalk chalk, baking soda, and white vinegar to make bright bubbly puddles.

Guaranteed hours of jumping and splashing!

5. Sidewalk Chalk

This is one of our favourite outside learning materials here at Creative QT. There are so many creative ways to use chalk for art projects and play based learning. Best of all, sidewalk chalk can encourage lots of active learning, such as name hopscotch and action movement lines.

Now, quick, before the snow comes, grab your kids and go on an adventure in the Great Outdoors! You'll feel refreshed and wondering why you didn't Make Time Together sooner!

Making the Most of the Great Outdoors with your Kids


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