DIY Literacy Learning Boxes

by Lucy Baker July 30, 2020 3 min read

DIY Literacy Learning Boxes

Want one simple way to make practicing spelling words a little more fun!? Bonus - it's easily contained in one small box for easy storage! We're in love with these little DIY Literacy Learning Boxes and think they're perfect for learning both in the classroom or at home.

Keep on reading to see them in action and get the directions to build your own! 


The containers in this blog are from a previous DIY blog which you can read about here. We simply cut a Peel 'n Stick Baseplate to size and added it to a fun kids' container from Michaels. This way kids can enjoy building brick play on the go whilst also having a place to store the StoryBricks, flashcards & more!



To put a fun literacy learning twist on this project we filled the containers with StoryBricks as well as some age appropriate flashcards of sight/spelling words and letters.



For our youngest learner who is three-years-old, we included a simple set of letter flashcards. We wanted to keep things simple so the hope for her was to just recognize the letter on the card and find the corresponding StoryBricks to attach to the baseplate.



As she found the letters we were sure to say them together as well as their sound to help with phonological awareness. There was so much excitement each time letters were matched!



For our first grader we really wanted to keep focusing on those all-important sight words. We added a set of sight word print outs to his box and challenged him to read the words and then build them using the StoryBricks.



The process of hunting for the correct letter in the box was a great test of letter recognition... and patience!



As he formed the words we also repeated the letters and their sounds. Repetition is key with literacy! We moved on to extending the learning by adding two words to the baseplate and challenging each other to form a sentence which included both words.



It's worth mentioning that a huge amount of fun and excitement also came from getting to use the removal tool to clear the words. Such a sense of satisfaction!



A huge advantage of these literacy learning boxes is that kids can be learning at a level appropriate to their age, whilst also benefitting from exposure to each other's learning.



We'd love to see how the StoryBricks are helping your kids with their literacy learning. Don't forget to tag us, @creativeqt, on social media! Happy playing friends!




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Lucy Baker
Lucy Baker

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