LEGO Masks Craft

Have you got a LEGO crazy child in your family? Why not indulge in their passion with them, and enjoy this simple LEGO Masks Craft?! Art can be great way to Make Time Together whilst staying screen free!

LEGO Masks Craft

Materials Needed:

  • Yellow card cut out in shape of LEGO heads
  • Craft knife for cutting out the eye holes
  • Selection of markers (we used Crayola as they are washable!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencils
  • Jumbo craft sticks (we found ours in Walmart)
  • Some LEGO figures for inspiration (if you haven't got many you can always find some pictures online instead)
  • We added some extra fun by using our LEGO Storage Jars (click to read the full blog)

Here's a quick video showing you the activity. Scroll down for some extra details to help make the fun craft work well for you and your kiddo!


Preparation is so important when crafting with kids! Making the effort to be well prepared will allow you to be fully present during the craft making, rather than constantly dashing off for supplies, or getting frustrated that your little one has started scribbling all over the mask without you!

Before engaging your kid in the task, draw and cut out the LEGO heads. We used a glue lid to trace around for the eyes, and then just freehand cut out the eye holes using a craft knife. Set out the LEGO figures and other materials in an inviting way, and then you are all set!

LEGO Masks Craft

Mask Making:

The whole point of this craft is to share in your child's delight of their love for all things LEGO. Talk to them about the figures in front of them. Discuss the emotions shown on their faces and excitedly deliberate which one you are going to try and copy. It can be really tempting to take over and want your child's artwork to be neat. Our little artist in the video is four years old. He's not going to be able to create a perfect mask, but what we knew he would do was create a mask that he'd LOVE, and that's all that mattered to us! The process is so much more important than the end product!

Feel free to use little prompt questions as you and your kiddo are making your masks. You could say 'look my LEGO figure has red lips, what type of mouth does yours have?' Or even something along the lines of 'I think my figure is feeling happy, how about yours?' This is a great link to emotional awareness, something which is very important for kids to learn about.

Once you have finished drawing on the facial features, it's time to stick the mask to the jumbo craft stick. If you want the mask to be completely your child's work then you can just use a glue stick or clear glue. If you are wanting it to last, we'd recommend using a stronger adhesive glue like E6000 craft glue (only the adult should use that though).

LEGO Masks Craft

Role Play:

Once you have finished making the masks you will be amazed at the adventures you and your new LEGO friends will go on! This is a lovely way to Make Time Together with your family and prioritize quality time over screens and distractions. Don't be afraid to act like a big kid yourself, roam around the house as your LEGO figure, and enjoy being your kid's hero!

LEGO Masks Craft

LEGO Masks Craft


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