Leaves 3 Ways: How to get three art activities from the same four leaves!

You know when you go to fancy restaurants (well before you had kids and you used to go to fancy restaurants!), and they'd serve 'duck three ways'? Well this is our attempt to use the same basic ingredient but in three exciting different ways!


  • a few leaves from the yard (we used four)
  • white A4 card
  • crayons (fall colors and white)
  • Scotch tape
  • paintbrushes
  • watercolor paints

1. Secret Leaves

Use the white crayon to draw the leaves in front of you onto the white card. If you are working with younger children, it is probably best to do this part yourself. Older children, however, will enjoy studying the leaves and drawing them.

Ask your child to use the watercolor paints to cover the white card and see what appears. The leaf shapes will appear on the page as if by magic!

It leaves you with a pretty cool painting! You can then challenge your child to draw their own leaf if they didn't do so in the first place.

2. Leaf Rubbing

Now take your leaves and stick them onto a piece of white card. To do this we just used rolled over Scotch tape. Children will enjoy exploring the tape and choosing the layout of their leaves.

Then place another piece of white card on top and put out a selection of fall-colored crayons. 

Show your child how to use the side of the tip of the crayon to create a leaf rubbing. It is fun to get your child to use a selection of colors.

The finished product will show the detail of each unique leaf.

3. Leaf Resist Painting

The final project is all set to go! Your leaves are still stuck onto a white piece of card.... leave them exactly there! Tell your little one to cover the page with all fall colored watercolor paints.

Make sure they paint over the leaves too!

Once the page is covered in fall colors, let it dry. Then carefully remove the leaves. You are left with leaf shaped silhouettes on your beautifully bright background.

There you have it, three fun art projects from the same four leaves! The perfect way to enjoy some fresh air collecting leaves, and to Make Time Together creating fall-themed art.


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