Last Minute Earth Day Activities & GIVEAWAY!

Earth Day is one of those days that, in all honesty, just tends to sneak up on us. If you're like us and looking for some last minute activities to teach your kids about why we celebrate Earth Day ... then keep on reading!


Toilet Paper Roll  Bird Feeder: Head  to your local hardware store and grab some bird seed to make these easy (and  functional!) bird  feeders to hang in  your yard. This activity is perfect for keeping little hands busy, but you can also talk about birds and what kind live in your area, what they eat, how they migrate, etc.

Earth Day Activity  Pack: Real Life at Home offers an amazing Earth Day activity pack complete with word searches, coloring pages, bingo cards and much, much more. And it's FREE! Download it here.  

Go on a Nature Walk: This is the ultimate last-minute activity that requires zero prep work. If it's sunny and nice, head on a walk at your local park, on a trail, or even just around your neighborhood. Point on the trees, bushes, grass, butterflies, anything you can find. Talk with your kids about the Earth and bring their attention to how beautiful nature is all around them!

Read an Earth Day Book: Head to your local library with this list of Earth Day books and see if you can find any to check out and read! 

Make an Earth Day Themed Lunch:  You've got to feed everyone anyways, so might as well have fun with it! Gina Kirk makes these ants on the logs and lady bug sandwiches that are darling, healthy and easy to make. 


And because we love Earth Day and YOU our customers, we are GIVING AWAY one set of a peel-and-stick variety back baseplates.

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