Introducing the SlideAway® Collection

We've been hard at work behind the scenes the past year preparing to bring you a whole new product collection: the SlideAway®!


SlideAway Collection revolutionary toy storage solution


Featuring two storage baskets and mini options, style meets unparalleled functionality in the SlideAway Collection. Designed and perfected by our founders, Adam & Dana Sue Hinkle, they sought to find a resolution for their five kids' toys that constantly scatter the floors. Trust us when we say that the SlideAway Collection is revolutionary toy storage.

The SlideAway Basket


No ordinary basket, this is the toy storage solution you've been dreaming of! Featuring a built-in rimmed play mat that doubles as a play area for sorting toys, simply tip the basket and slide the toys in and out. It's as easy as Tip, Play, SlideAway.


SlideAway Toy Basket toy storage solution


This high quality, sturdy storage basket is perfect for storing toys such as LEGOs, Magnatiles, Hot Wheels cars, Barbie dolls and more! Sturdy, stylish fabric and rope handles make it a modern addition to any living space.


SlideAway Toy Basket


A built-in play mat allows toys to be spread out for play time and keeps them contained in one space. Simply use the handles to slide the toys from the sorting mat back into the basket.

SlideAway Toy Basket in Grey Stripes


Constructed out of high-quality, sturdy fabric with stylish rope handles, the SlideAway is an instant stylish addition to any home. It is available in both solid grey and grey and white stripe.

 Mini SlideAway


Play on-the-go has never been so easy! Take LEGOs, crayons, Hot Wheels cars, snacks and more for portable play with our mini SlideAway.


Essential diaper bag for the mom on-the-go


Simply tip the toys out on the tabletop, play, and when finished just slide toys back into the bag and close it all up with the drawstring closure. The rimmed play mat means toys actually stay on the tabletop and allows multiple children to access them at once.


Gone are the days of digging for LEGOs and crayons at the bottom of your bag; toys stay safe and secure thanks to the drawstring closure. Constructed with a wipeable material it really is an essential diaper bag must-have for the mom on-the-go! 


Mini SlideAway available in grey triangle & stripe patterns

The Mini SlideAway is available in two color options: grey triangle or grey and white stripe.


You might be thinking, "this is awesome ... how do I get my own SlideAway!?" The SlideAway will be available for pre-order as part of a KickStarter campaign launching Tuesday, May 7. New to Kickstarter? Us too! This is the first Kickstarter campaign Creative QT has participated in.

Watch this quick video to get the ins and outs of why we're doing a Kickstarter and how it works.  



What is a Kickstarter?

"Kickstarter's stated mission is to "help bring creative projects to life." Kickstarter has reportedly received more than $4 billion in pledges from 15.5 million backers to fund 257,000 creative projects, such as films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, technology and food-related projects."


Kickstarter is crowdfunding at it's finest! Essentially, a pledge (or backing as it's often called) for a campaign acts as a pre-order for the product. The money pledged during the month-long campaign helps raise the capital needed to cover production costs and bring the product life. Therefore, there is a few months wait from the date of pledge and arrival of the product.


How To Back Us On KickStarter

Once the KickStarter campaign is live on Tuesday, May 7th you'll be able to sign-on and pledge for your own SlideAways. Whether you'd like just one SlideAway or the entire collection there will be early bird pricing and discounts available for KickStarter backers.


Creqtive QT Kickstarter campaign reward tiers

Think of your pledge to the KickStarter campaign as a pre-order. Once the campaign has ended, our team will follow-up with you directly to confirm which pattern option you'd like in both the SlideAway Basket and Mini SlideAway. 

Creqtive QT Kickstarter campaign project timeline


All orders placed via KickStarter will arrive in a few months time, by September, guaranteed. Trust us when we say that it's worth the wait! 


The SlideAway Basket


Have questions about the SlideAway Collection or our KickStarter campaign? We are here to help! Either leave us a comment or send us a note at and we'll respond as quick as we can.


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  • Erin On

    Would love to know how to purchase a basket or two or 3!

  • Lauren Rhodes On

    Can we still order this item?

  • Mian Tang On

    Where can you get this? We are very interested in how this invention is ordered. We want to get it as quick as possible.

  • Mian Tang On

    I really want to order this! Where do you get it? It’s such a super invention! This is just the thing for our messy boy.

  • Wendy Whitaker On

    Too bad I missed your offer on Kickstarter. I am highly interested in getting both slideaway basket and on-the-go, as many people it seems. How can we order it now? Do you maintain the Kickstarter offers? I would like the 4 of each deal.

    Best Wishes,

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