Inspiring Imagination: Playing with a Cardboard Box

Stuck inside on a rainy weekend day? Grab a cardboard box, some markers, crayons, stickers, scissors and set your kids loose to build a fort, time machine, airplane or anything else they can create!


There are lots of tutorials out there for making fancy forts and such, but really, the kids will have just as much fun with unguided play.


Leave markers out so they can continue to embellish their cardboard box creation all weekend long!


Sometimes keeping it simple makes for the most entertaining, imaginative play. Do you have any great ideas for how to play with cardboard boxes? Leave a comment and let us know!


Reviews (3 comments)

  • Greta James On

    My kids love to play in cardboard boxes, and they like to make “bear dens” out of them. I love the idea of leaving markers out so that the kids can embellish their cardboard boxes all week long. I would love to find some big boxes so both my kids can play in them together.

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