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Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids

Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids

Constantly surrounded by junk food and convenience meals, it can be hard to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for your kids. Here are our favorite Instagram accounts that make nutritious and delicious meals for your family achievable and sustainable in the long run.


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


1. @whatmykideats

Jen describes herself as just a real Mom making simple, healthy family food. And that's exactly why we love her feed! It is full of quick and easy meals and snacks, that are inviting and nutritious for her two toddlers. No fancy preparation needed, just good quality ingredients! Back in August she wrote an awesome gust blog for Creative QT giving us all inspiration for Back to School Lunch Ideas for Kids. Be sure to check it out to spice up your kids' packed lunches!


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


2. @icook_theyeat

Brittany's outlook on life is Family + Food + Fun- what a winning combination! Her recipes reflect how she strives to lead a happy, healthy and colorful life. The pictures of her creations are often shot with the most beautiful scenery as the backdrop, making us so jealous! If you're a veggie lover than this is definitely the account for you as Brittany is always packing her meals full of greens! Brittany also wrote a novel guest blog for us where she walked us through her Unconventional Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Pizza!


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


3. @californiatoddler

Hannah is the master of making beautiful meals and snacks for her little out of the most basic everyday fridge finds. Her Pumpkin Bliss Bites that she shared with us on the blog are a perfect example of her talents! What we love about this feed is that it is realistic. Hannah often says that she feels like all she does is prepare food- isn't that the truth when you have kids!


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


4. @lunchesandlittles

This lovely Mama of three is a maker of healthy, fun food, and family-friendly meals. Finding a meal that all family members enjoy can sometimes seem like an up-hill struggle. Not any more! Just scroll through Joy's bright and beautiful feed and you'll be struggling to decide which meal to cook first. We love that there are honest reviews of food products and services as well, like this Skillet-Lemon Garlic Chicken and Rice with Roasted Broccoli from @terraskitchen. Yum!


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


5. @landryslunches

Lauren describes her two kids as picky eaters, which is something a lot of us parents can relate to! That's why she works hard to produce creatively irresistible lunches for her littles. She uses simple preparation techniques that turn everyday sandwiches into themed treats. If your child is not an easy one to please, check out @landryslunches for some ideas to get them more interested in a balanced diet.


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


6. @easytoddlermeals

Charisse is a working Mom who produces the most incredible food videos, all based on the concept of easy toddler meals for her two kiddos. There's something about watching her videos which makes you have more confidence that you can recreate the lip licking recipes with no troubles. We've tested out some of her ideas and so far they've always had huge thumbs up from our own kids. These cheesy potato balls are beyond delicious!


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


7. @chiefspicemama

Kanchan tackles an area that we feel lots of kids struggle to cope with- spices! Have you ever added a spice to your dish and then your kid just cannot cope with the meal because it is a new and completely different flavor? Kanchan is a whiz when it comes to recipes which include spices but in a balanced and subtle way. She also has a Ph.D. in Biomedicine from Harvard University and wants to demystify the healing powers of spices for you and your family. Speaking from personal experience, we can testify how @chiefspicemama has given us the confidence to feed our youngest much more adventurous flavors from a young age and it has really paid off! As the picture below shows, even adding one simple spice to a pretty average side dish has many benefits for your children.


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


8. @mamamakesfood

Megan is committed to feeding her family veggie-loaded healthful food, with many of her ingredients coming from her urban farm in Kansas. What we really love about Megan's feed is how she focuses on letting the fresh ingredients be the centre piece of her dishes, avoiding loads of prep time and unnecessary sugar-loaded additives. We also like the fact she offers Mom and toddler versions of the same meal- yes it means we don't have to eat like a child all the time!


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids


There are so many amazing foodie accounts to follow on Instagram. It can be a great resource for keeping meal times fresh and delicious with your littles, and avoiding those long battles over eating the dreaded greens!


Instagram Round-Up: Inspiring Healthy Meals for Kids



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