How to Organize Kids' Clothes

Do you feel like you are constantly fighting a tidal wave of loose socks, unfolded shirts, and tangled accessories leaping out of your kids' closet? Yup, us too. We've rounded up some of our favorite tips for how to organize kids' clothes, trust us, they are life changing!


How to Organize Kids' Clothes: Top Tip Round-Up


Tip 1: Don't Over Buy!

Ok so this seems sooooo obvious, but it's true. Are you guilty of making a purchase just because it is super cute? Don't worry, we do it too! And that's ok, but just not too often. Lisa Woodruff over at Organize 365 has a great tactic: work out the 'per wear' value of a piece of clothing before you buy it. For example, if you buy a $30 sweater for your child and they wear it 30 times before they out-grow it, you've paid $1 per wear! Just think twice before making each purchase.


Tip 2: Have a Donations Box in the Closet

We are so guilty of leaving clothes in the closet that are too small. They just add clutter and cause confusion when hubby has to get the kids dressed! So HGTV recommends placing a cardboard box on the top shelf or tucked away on the floor. As soon as the outfit no-longer fits, place it in the box. When the box is full, go spread some love and donate it.


How to Organize Kids' Clothes: Top Tip Round-Up


Tip 3: Fold in Rectangles and Store Vertically

Emily from Live Renewed writes a great piece about how she implemented the KonMari Method of decluttering and organizing when she decided enough was enough with her kids' closet. By folding clothes in rectangles and standing them vertically in the drawer, kids can see their clothes and easily pick out what they want to wear, without dragging the entire drawer out. It's also surprising how much can fit in a drawer when the clothes are folded like this, rather than stacked up on top of each other.


How to Organize Kids' Clothes: Top Tip Round-Up


Tip 4: Sub-divide Large Storage Spaces with Containers

Large drawers or shelves quickly become a mess of partially folded clothes in our house. That's why we love this tip from The Joyful Organizer. She suggests using lidless shoe containers to create smaller storage zones. Group like items, fold neatly and place in the containers. This also means you can remove and swap containers when necessary.


How to Organize Kids' Clothes: Top Tip Round-Up


Tip 5: Have Somewhere to Store Out-of-season Wear

Don't you find that all of a sudden winter is over and it's time to pack away the bulky snow gear? It's a great idea to have somewhere to store all of the out-of-season clothing and accessories to avoid them cluttering up seasonal wear. That's where Creative QT can help you! Our Stuff 'n Sit Storage Bean Bag is not just a great place to store stuffed animals; why not stuff it with puffy winter coats, hat, gloves, and scarves as well? Your kids will love having a squishy seat and you'll love having the extra closet space!


How to Organize Kids' Clothes: Top Tip Round-Up


We hope these ideas help you get a little more organized when it comes to your kids' clothes. It's so easy to let the mountains of mess grow, but hopefully no more!


How to Organize Kids' Clothes: Top Tip Round-Up


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