How to Make Time Together to Celebrate Dad

Who ever said that celebrating Dad had to be restricted to Father's Day this upcoming weekend? We love the idea of starting the party early and being intentional about Making Time Together all week long to show Dad how much you love him. Start brainstorming now and be intentional about planning time this week to Make Time Together. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for (easy!) family activities that every Dad is sure to love!

Go Camping!

Okay, so maybe camping isn't everyone's cup of tea ... or you may not have time to go all out, but be creative! It doesn't have to be perfect. Maybe you make a giant fort and eat dinner in it and call it camping, or you set up a tent in the backyard and attempt to stay out all night. Whatever you do, if Dad loves camping, throw out the idea to have a 'camping family date' one night this week.

Play a Board Game

Sometimes the simplest things can make a regular night feel special. Dig out the board games hidden away in your hall closet and play one! Even if you make up your own rules so the kids can play too, it will still be fun!

Tidy up the Garage

This may not sound like a ton of fun, but if the garage tends to be Dad's domain in your household then cleaning it out is sure to make him feel loved! Gather the kiddos and sweep, pick up toys and declutter. You can make it a family event or surprise him with all of your hard work!

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Nothing says summer quite like homemade ice cream. And most Dads we know, have a sweet tooth! You could make it for Father's Day or just to make a regular week night feel a little more special this week.

Plan a Fishing Trip

We mentioned this fishing gift idea in our Father's Day Gift Guide blog post last week and it's one we just love! Whether or not your family has been fishing before ... this is such a fun family outing! Invest in (or borrow!) a few fishing rods and head to the local pond or lake with a picnic and try your hand at catching some fish!

Host a LEGO® Building Competition 

Grab your LEGO®'s and your peel-and-stick baseplates and have a family LEGO® building competition! Seeking challenge ideas? Refer back to our 30 Day LEGO® challenge from a few months ago. If you haven't shopped our peel-and-stick baseplate collection, now is the time! 

Plan a Family Move Night

If your kids are old enough, pick an age appropriate movie that the whole family will enjoy. Spruce it up with popcorn, candy and lots of blankets and pillows an settle in for a night of laughing and spending time together.

Let the Kids Make Dinner

Instead of sending Dad out the door to grill dinner, let the kids make dinner one night for him! Ideas include homemade pizzas, baked chicken fajitas, breakfast for dinner ... the options are endless. Your kids will love getting to play chef and serve Dad their chef masterpieces. 

How are you planning to celebrate Father's Day this week? We want to hear your family's favorite activities! Let us know in a comment below!


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