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How to Make Story Time Even More Magical!

How to Make Story Time Even More Magical!

For most kids, story time is one of the highlights of their day. Just like with all things kid related, there are also children who don't follow suit and struggle to enjoy books. We know how frustrating it can be when your kids are reluctant to either listen to a story, or try and read a book themselves. That's why we came up with a fun way to make story time a little more engaging using our Stuff 'n Sit Storage Bean Bag.

How to Make Story Time Even More Magical!

Materials needed:

  • Creative QT Stuff 'n Sit Storage Bean Bag (available at www.creativeqt.net in two sizes and a variety of patterns)
  • Selection of your kiddo's favorite story books
  • Some stuffed animals that match the theme of your story books
  • An enthusiastic parent ready to get creative and role play!!

How to bring story books to life:

The premise of this play based learning activity is very simple. Just use your stuffed animals to make story time a little more interactive and exciting. There is no need to buy specific book character critters, part of the fun is getting your kids to use their imagination! There are several ways that you can set this activity up:

1. Place some stuffed animals on the Stuff 'n Sit and send your child on a search to locate the relevant books. We gave this a go using Peppa and George Pig. Our little one enjoyed taking them with him to search his book shelf for his Peppa Pig themed books. As we read them, he enjoyed acting out the stories with the stuffed animals.

How to Make Story Time Even More Magical!

This idea also works great if you have any book-related puppets. This cute Very Hungry Caterpillar has prompted many story time adventures for our youngest kiddo.

How to Make Story Time Even More Magical!

2. Alternatively, you can lay the books out on the bean bags and ask your child to delve into the depths of bean bag darkness to find any relevant characters that will help to tell the stories. This can be fun as it encourages little ones to relate to the story, and be imaginative when it comes to choosing stuffed animals that represent the characters in the book.

How to Make Story Time Even More Magical!

3. Finally, why not go wild and set up a super exciting invitation to read. Lay out the books and stuffed animals on the bean bags in order to create a cozy reading nook. This could be a great way to Make Time Together and spend some quality family time reading and role playing. If you have siblings, it may even work nicely to have older ones reading and acting out the stories to younger ones.

How to Make Story Time Even More Magical!

How to Make Story Time Even More Magical!

This is such an easy way to add some excitement to an important part of the day. Instilling a love of literacy at a young age can have long-lasting benefits for children. Let's get our kiddos actively involved in reading from the start!


Creative QT designs quality + innovative toys that declutter homes and inspire creative play. Founded by parents of five, Adam and Dana Sue Hinkle, Creative QT’s vision is to empower parents and encourage a culture of families that Make Time Together. All products are designed to enrich families’ lives through active, creative play and play based learning. Creative QT products are laboratory tested for compliance with CPSC requirements and are free of lead, cadmium and phthalates so you can play with confidence. So, go ahead … today is the day: be your kid’s hero.

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