The Container Store Hack LEGO Storage

Our Peel 'n Stick Baseplates are perfect for making on-the-go building block play boxes. Here is a step-by-step guide for how to make a simple building block play box to bring your little creators hours of fun.

The Container Store Hack LEGO Storage!


  • Creative QT Peel 'n Stick Baseplates (10" x 10" 1 pack, Grey, $10.95)
  • Selection of building blocks (we used LEGO®)
  • Rosti Mepal Modulbox from The Container Store (850ml, $7.99) (link)
  • Sharp craft or utility knife
  • A surface to cut safely on such as a chopping board or craft mat
  • Scissors

 Step 1: Measuring Up

Simply measure the width and length of the container lid. Remember to take into consideration that the baseplate will not stick to any sloping edges. Just include the flat, square surface measurements of the container lid. Use these exact measurements to mark out the same surface area on the Peel 'n Stick Baseplate. The easy way to mark out the area is by using building blocks.

Step 2: Cutting the Baseplate

Place one hand firmly on the line of building blocks and run the knife alongside the blocks all the way down the baseplate. Repeat this one more time making sure to follow the same groove.

The Container Store Hack LEGO Storage!

Gently fold the baseplate along the groove. After some repeated and even pressure the baseplate will break, with the sticky backing remaining in tact underneath.

The Container Store Hack LEGO Storage!

Step 3: Cutting the Sticky Backing

Simply cut along the break in the baseplate using scissors.

The Container Store Hack LEGO Storage!

Step 4: Repeat for all Edges

Repeat this process of using the craft knife to cut the baseplate, applying pressure to break it, and then cutting the backing layer using scissors, for all four sides.

Step 5: Attaching the Baseplate

This part couldn't be any easier! Peel off the baseplate backing, position it in the middle of the container lid, and stick it down with pressure.

The Container Store Hack LEGO Storage!

That's it, your travel building block box is all set for your little creator! 

The Container Store Hack LEGO Storage!


Creative QT designs quality + innovative toys that declutter homes and inspire creative play. Founded by parents of five, Adam and Dana Sue Hinkle, Creative QT’s vision is to empower parents and encourage a culture of families that Make Time Together. All products are designed to enrich families’ lives through active, creative play and play based learning. Creative QT products are laboratory tested for compliance with CPSC requirements and are free of lead, cadmium and phthalates so you can play with confidence. So, go ahead … today is the day: be your kid’s hero.

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