How To Cut Peel 'n Stick Baseplates to Size

Have you seen our Peel 'n Stick Baseplates and thought, 'wow these look awesome, but I bet they are hard to use.' Well they aren't! Not at all in fact! They can be easily cut to the right size for your DIY project. Here is a step by step guide for cutting Peel 'n Stick Baseplates to size.

How To Cut Peel 'n Stick Baseplates to Size

Materials Needed:

  • Creative QT Peel 'n Stick Baseplates (available in a range of colors and quantity packs)
  • Sharp craft or utility knife
  • A surface to cut safely on, such as a chopping board or craft mat
  • Scissors
  • Building bricks to cut against (we used LEGO)

Step 1: Measure Up

It depends on how exact you need the size of the baseplate to be. Either use a ruler or tape measure to get the exact fit, or just eyeball it by counting the number of studs on the baseplate.

Step 2: Mark Out

Using LEGO bricks, mark out the boundary of your project. Do the horizontal and vertical boundaries one at a time.

Step 3: Cut the Baseplate

You can use either a craft knife or a sharp utility knife for this part. Push the knife blade down and against the LEGO bricks to try and get as straight a cut as possible. It helps to place your other hand on the bricks to stop them moving. Follow your initial cut line two-to-three times, and make sure you push down with force.

How To Cut Peel 'n Stick Baseplates to Size

Step 4: Break the Baseplate

Remove the LEGO bricks and apply pressure to either side of the cut line. Don't be too gentle, gradually increase the amount of force you use and eventually the baseplate will snap.

How To Cut Peel 'n Stick Baseplates to Size

Step 5: Cut the Backing

The backing can be cut using ordinary scissors.

How To Cut Peel 'n Stick Baseplates to Size

Repeat this entire process again for your horizontal or vertical side, depending on which side you cut first. Then, peel off the backing and stick your baseplate down!

Potential Problems:

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes the baseplate may be resisting the break. This simply means that the cut you made was not deep enough. Put your LEGO bricks back down and apply more pressure when you cut along the line.

You may break the baseplate and not be totally happy with your cut line. Perhaps there is a part that is not quite straight. Just use some sandpaper or a nail file to file it down until you are happy with it. This technique can also be used to round off any sharp corners.

There are so many different ways to use Peel 'n Stick Baseplates. If you create an awesome DIY project, please tag us on Facebook and Instagram as we would love to share it!


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