Easy Kids' Crafts for Mom on Mother's Day

Make Mother’s Day extra special for the whole family with these fun and easy DIY gifts and celebration ideas for your favorite mom.

First, here are a few tips to make the day festive and stress free.

3 Tips to Make Mother's Day Fun and Stress Free

1. Plan your celebration

If you’re planning on serving Mom breakfast in bed, get those recipe ingredients and flowers ready. If a restaurant brunch is more her style, choose a family-friendly place that will be low-stress, and be sure to make reservations for this busy day.

2. Prepare younger kids

Part of the fun of Mother’s Day for kids is getting ready and being part of the gift-making (and even the surprise). Little ones may let a few secrets slip but, let’s face it, Mom already knows her big day is coming, and it’s still best to walk young kids through the plan to make the day as happy as possible.

3. Keep it simple

The crafts below are double E – excellent and easy! Keeping stress low and smiles bright is the key to a truly Happy Mother’s Day. Check out our suggestions for fun and easy craft projects and gifts to put together for your very special mother, grandmother, or like-a-mom friend.

Fun and Easy Mother's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Chenille Stem Flowers

Give her a bouquet of flowers that will last forever with this adaptable craft that only requires an array of colorful pipe cleaners (ideally, including green).

Invite toddlers or preschool children to free-form swirly flowers; grade school children can wrap pipe cleaners around pencils to make lupin-like flowers or twist three pipe cleaners into a star shape and then roll each end inward to create petals. Use green pipe cleaners for stems (help children attach with hot glue, if desired). Fill a giftable coffee mug or recycled plastic plant pot with flowers, and complete with a ribbon tie.

You can stock up on chenille stems and pipe cleaners and more great arts and craft supplies here.

Handprint Tree Blossom Cards

Thank mom, grandma, or a special teacher for helping your child bloom with a custom card.

Fold a large piece of craft paper or card stock in half to form a card. Have your child place one hand in the center of the card; then trace their hand and the portion of their forearm that is on the paper to form the “trunk and branches” of a tree. Invite your child to paint this in tree-trunk color, such as light gray or brown. Make beautiful blossoms by dipping fingers into child-safe paints in a variety of springtime colors, then pressing to make prints around the branches.

Check out AEM Hi Arts for fabulous watercolor paints and more.

Craft Stick Animal Bookmarks

Craft paint, googly eyes, colorful felt or construction paper, and a few 6’’ craft sticks are all you need to make sweet and special bookmarks.

First, decide what animal or animals you’d like to make and paint your craft sticks the appropriate colors. Glue on googly eyes, and ears, manes, or other details cut from felt or construction paper or pom poms. Use a marker to add mouths and noses, if desired. Tuck handmade bookmarks into a new book or magazine chosen for mom.

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Easy Breakfast Parfait

Serve your favorite mom breakfast in bed (or in the kitchen!) with a healthy, delicious breakfast parfait served in custom-decorated serving dish!

Have your child decorate serving glasses or jars (stemless wine glasses or mason jars work great!) for the whole family with colorful, food-safe glass markers, like these from Vaci. Cheerful images like flowers, hearts, suns, and happy faces are sure to brighten the day.

Make the parfaits by filling each glass about ¼ full with a simple flavor of Greek or traditional yogurt (such as vanilla or honey). Proceed to build layers with fruits (diced strawberries or bananas, or whole berries such as blueberries or raspberries), your favorite granola, and other treats (almonds, coconut flakes, raisins) if desired, and more yogurt. Finish with yogurt and a garnish, such as a mint sprig or whole berry.

Mix and Match for the Ultimate DIY Gift!

The above crafts and activities are easily adapted for toddlers, preschoolers, or grade school children. They’re also fun to mix-and-match: Make up a yogurt parfait breakfast tray for Mom decorated with a bouquet of DIY chenille stem flowers. Or top a wrapped DIY Gift Kit present with a handprint tree blossom card.

Arts and Crafts Kits for the Crafty Mom

Does Mom like DIY, too? 

If mom is the crafty one in your family, give her a creative gift that keeps on giving. Choose from DIY Gift Kits’ fabulous assortment of USA-made home craft sets, including their best-selling Lip Balm Kit and Bath Bomb Making Kit. Spend some quality time making amazing, hand-crafted-by-you items to enjoy together.

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However you choose to celebrate, here's wishing you and your family a fun and festive Mother’s Day celebration. And remember that, if you’re cooking, the best gift you can give to Mom is to clean up the kitchen!

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