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The Hinkle's Family Seek & Find Scavenger Hunt

The Hinkle's Family Seek & Find Scavenger Hunt

We're all feeling a little cooped up and cabin fever these days ... this was our family's most recent solution to keep our five kids busy.  Best of all it will upgrade the day from 'meh' to 'awesome'!



Our kids are crazy about those seek and find and hidden picture books. They spend hours trying to find the shapes hidden in the image. We’re also a bit of a scavenger hunt family so we mashed up the two and came up with the Family Seek & Find Scavenger Hunt idea. Check out the video below for our family enjoying one!



We typically have the hunt end with a prize of sorts. Sometimes it’s their birthday gift, Easter basket, coupon for a movie and popcorn night, or some candy to share. Generally, anything the kids may get excited to find works well.



Setting it up is pretty simple really, just go around your house with a camera and take close-up detail photos of things your kids may recognize. A drawer, a toy, or part of a furniture piece; just enough detail that it takes a little imagination to guess what the item is.


For example, below is our coffee grinder:



But this is the detailed picture we will give to our kids as the clue:



You only need to take 8-10 different close up items in your house, to make it fun. Next, drag and drop the photos into a Word document and print them out.



Now it’s time to hide the clues in order to create the scavenger hunt. Quick tip: The trick to setting up a scavenger hunt is to lay the clues out in a way that leads the kids from one to another. Start at the end and work your way backward. Leave the prize in the last spot, then you use the photo of that spot (where you hid the prize) and put it in the spot of the next photo in line (continuing to work backwards). Repeat that process until you only have one photo left and that’s the one that starts the hunt- hand this one to the kids to start the fun!



Let us know if you give this a try, we'd love to see your family enjoying their own Family Seek & Find Scavenger Hunt!



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