Engaging Kids at the Dinner Table

At the end of a long day, sometimes the last things kids want to do is talk at the kitchen table. Having a go-to-list of interactive questions to get your kids to talk over dinner is an easy way to build memorable family conversations. Here is a round-up of some of our favorite resources for family-friendly dinner time topics.

  1. If your pet could talk – what would they say!? If you could make up any holiday, what would it be called? If you had to live with a cartoon character, who would you pick? We love this list of questions designed by the blog Anxious Toddlers that is designed to initiate laughter-filled conversations for young kids.
  1. Engaging your kids in cooking dinner and setting the table may be another great way to get them to talk. The site Women Living Well encourages families by saying that the ‘kitchen isn’t just for cooking, but for connecting!” Asking a mix of personal and funny questions are sure to get your kids talking: If you could make a movie, what would it be about? What are two things you like about yourself, what is one thing you’d like to improve?
  1. Make a little jar of your favorite questions to use as a centerpiece and take turns picking out a question each night! We love the cute printables that the blog, Happiness is Homemade has available for free!
  1. Print your own creative placemats with activities and built-in questions already on them! Utilize this fun, easy tool to keep your kids sitting at the table while you finish prepping dinner or until everyone finishes eating. The blog, The Dating Divas, has an adorable free download that you can print at home. 
  1. For ongoing inspiration, subscribe to the weekly “Conversation of the Week” newsletter from The Family Dinner Project. They have a slew of resources, including conversation starters, parenting tips, meal ideas and more. 

Be creative! Are there other ways that you engage your kids at dinner time? We want to know! Leave a comment and share your ideas below.

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